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  1. Applying the Law of Divine Oneness in life

    Realizing interconnectedness of everything

    When I realized the oneness of all through myself, I noticed, how my world-view changes. There started a shifting from separateness- to unity-consciousness. I became aware of the fact, that everything what I do, matters and influences the world. Each of my decisions or activities has an effect on others and the world. The way I think and feel about somebody or something, the way I talk and interact with other living beings - everything has its impact.

    Before I realized this, I thought that my "inner world" with my thoughts, emotions, intentions, feelings was just my personal space with little connection to the outside world. But various life situations, which mirrored my thoughts, emotions and beliefs or wishes, showed me that my inner world is directly connected to the outer. Step by step I understood that I'm not separated in my inner space from others and that my life events in the outer world are a precize mirror of what's happening inside of me. With the realization of interconnectedness and the increasing feeling of oneness, I started to take responsibility about my thoughts, emotions, words and activities and to strive to always act from love and unity towards everybody and everything.

    With the growing sense of oneness, it felt it was just natural to treat all brothers and sisters as good as I treated myself and my beloved ones. For example, I started to feel the inspiration to treat friendly and with respect all strangers, which I met in my daily life (shopgirls, buss drivers, cleaners) and in general everybody and everything, with whoom I shared my space or came into contact. I realized my responsibility about my life style and all goods, services I choose, since it all influences my human brothers and sisters, my animal, plant, mineral, elemental, spiritual brothers, sisters, Earth and the universe.

  2. But with the grasping of the unity of everything, there came also the understanding that I'm connected not only to everyone and everything I honour, admire and love, but that I'm one also with everybody I don't like and don't want to be a part of. For example, people who destroy Earth with its plant and animal kingdoms or terrorists or selfish politicians, etc.

    For me it was very hard to realize that I'm connected also to all negative in the world, to all suffering and darkness which is there...When I gradually became aware of various negative procesess, which happen in the world (pollution, wars, etc.), there came pain, anger, fear and various negative thoughts and emotions. At first I thought, I have nothing to do with it, I'm the "good one", who is striving to live a conscious, spiritual, eco lifestyle in love and peace. But step by step, I noticed the darkness also inside of me. I realized that my inner world is mirrored in the outer world. I am against war, but if I criticize, judge and harm others mentally or emotionally, by thinking negative thoughts and sending negative emotions, then it is also violence or war on a mental and emotional level. So, if I really want to see peace, love and unity in the world, I first have to work with myself. When I have peace and love inside of me, I can share it and spread it. If I carry pride, greed, fear or anything else, based on ego and separateness in myself, then that's what I'm increasing in the world.

    Success comes through mindfulness

    While trying to apply the Law of Divine Oneness into life, I noticed, how much I need to work on myself, because I failed every day many times. And I still fail every day, although I have the best intentions in my heart and feel the calling to really live according to the principles of unity in my life. Nevertheless, after practicing the law in life for a few years, I see also a step by step progress and now I experience a lot of success with applying the law practically.

    During my practice, I understood that to apply this law successfully, I have to be very conscious. If I'm not fully "here and now" and in my heart, I often fail - I start to judge, criticize my brothers and sisters, I start to think negative thoughts about somebody, I say harsh words to somebody, I don't share the good stuff, which I have, with others, I concentrate on my needs and ignore the needs of others, etc.

    Every time I fail, I feel guilty about it, but actually to be able to notice my failures is allready a sign of progress. And since I fail each day, I have understood that it is a life long learning and practice to realize the Law of Divine Oneness into life and my task is to strive to do the best in each moment, what I'm capable of. And for doing the best, it's very helpful to act from a meditative, clear state of mind and an open heart. If I'm not in that state, it is better to come back to it and to feel, what actions are best for that moment and to act only then. This is challenging, when I have a lot to do, but actually it is worth to take a few seconds or even minutes to be in the pure, neutral and meditative state of mind also in the middle of active work, since it delivers the best and creative ideas. If I don't act from the mindful state, I often make mistakes and spend more energy for something or even lose my energy and time.

    To sum it up - to apply the Law of Divine Oneness succesfully, it is necessary to learn to be in a conscious state of mind, connected to an open and loving heart. For developing such skills, it is helpful to do practices, which let you become conscious and meditative. I practice longer meditation in the mornings and evenings (together about 2 hours) and strive to be mindful and heartful during my whole day. By striving to be conscious all day long, my whole life becomes a meditation and spiritual practice, which I can use for my constant spiritual development.

  3. To understand this better, you can look at sources and practices, which explain and teach daily mindfulness and meditation, for example, the book "Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from the Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, New World Library, 2001.

    Releasing stress and going with the flow

    There are some aspects of the Law of Divine Oneness, which for me were very challenging to understand, accept and apply in life. For example, the idea that 1) the Universal Consciousness is unconditional Love and takes care of everybody and everything in its Creation and secures everyone with everything needed; 2) that there is no good and evil in the world, but only positive and negative forces, which are expressions of one ultimate Force and which have their specific roles in evolution, etc.

    The challenges of understanding and accepting these and other aspects of the universal laws, were rooted in the contrasts between my spiritual experiences and my daily life. In meditation I felt unity with all, unconditional love, compassion, peace, purity, etc. And during my spiritual revelations (described in the first article about the Law of Divine Oneness under "Discovering oneness through myself") I had a direct communication with the Absolute and I was overwhelmed with Its unconditional love and revealed some truths of the universal laws. In short - I knew and I felt that the concepts of the Law of Divine Oneness are absolutely true, while being in subtler states of consciousness, but I had doubts about it all, when I was in my usual state of consciousness and when my mind was dominating.

    I couldn't believe in the perfectness, unity of the world, governed by a loving higher intelligence, when I was confronted with various daily hardships of securing my needs and when seing regular news about all kind of negativity in the world (pollution, destroying of nature species, wars, social injustice, etc.).

    So I was in huge doubts, what is actually true and how to live, because my heart knew and trusted the universal laws, but my mind couldn't believe in them, because of the seemingly contrasting reality. It was difficult to grasp the unity also because of my inherited negative world-view of separateness and powerty. I was used to see myself as separate from others and the world. I grew up in an environment, where it was considered normal to think mostly about myself and to secure my needs without much concern about others. I was taught that nobody else cares for me in the "game of survival". Besides, I was programmed that there is a lack of everything - good jobs, places of living, money, various goods, possibilities of living the way I wanted, true friendships, true love, etc. and that I must be proactive to get something. Generally, I had a lot of stress, tension about the lack of things mentioned above and fears of not being able to achieve something.

    But when I discovered the oneness of all, I started to question my inherited negative programming. Since I regulary experienced all as one in meditation, the competing and fighting for success with others in my daily life became senseless. Since I experienced the Absolute as Unconditional Love and support during my spontaneous spiritual revelations and since the universe is infinitely abundant, I realized that all stress about anykind of lack in life is basically pointless. Step by step, life showed me that the universe loves me and secures with what is needed. Gradually, I realized that I and everybody else has his special place, tasks and meaning in the organic unity of life.

    But before I came to these conclusions and there happened the shifting from separateness to unity, I experienced huge personal challenges. The negative separateness beliefs were deeply rooted in my subconsciousness and it took a lot of time to clear them (and I still work on some).

    There happened a lot of inner fights and I was in doubts, because I couldn't live anymore within the separateness world-view, but I also didn't knew, if the new way of unity would really work in my practical daily life. There was much fear and inner battles between my heart and mind: will it work out, if I don't plan my life with my mind like I did before, if I'm not proactive like I used to be, but trust the flow of life, listen to my heart and follow inspired action, which mostly seemed irrational and unsafe to my mind...? Can I really live the way I want in an environment, where others don't act from unity, but from separateness? It took years, practical testing and positive results in various spheres of life (job, money, place of living, relationships, etc.) to show me that living in unity and from my heart is actually the natural way of living. Everything falled into place and the most amazing synchronicities happened, when I strived to live from my heart and with best intentions towards the whole. Step by step I realized that the universe is absolutely responsive and loving and that I can fully trust the flow of life and the Universal Consciousness.

    However, this doesn't mean that all challenges, difficulties or doubts and fears magically disappear. It all still shows up, but my life experience shows that all hardships really carry necessary life lessons and are organized for my spiritual growth. Before I realized this, I usually rejected and was angry, sad or disappointed or in fear, when I met difficulties. I saw them as a burden and tried to get rid off them as soon as possible, without looking for deeper reasons, why the challenges showed up. But I started to notice that I'm being guided and helped while going through the difficulties and that I'm becoming wiser and stronger through them. Now I look on difficulties with an open mind and see them as a task and puzzle, which needs to be solved and which carry valuable presents for an improved life.

    Now I also know that there is all negative in the world and there is all positive in the world and I can choose with my free human will, what to experience. No matter in what circumstances I may find myself in, I can choose and create the most beautiful life in every aspect, what my heart can imagine. If I stop rejecting the difficulties I'm experiencing, I can take lessons from the situations where I am now, use them for my spiritual development and move forward, wherever I wish to be. Now I see, that there are always solutions for the challenges I face and the support and love of the Absolute always guides me. If I listen with an open heart and mind and take inspired action, I can find the solutions.

    Further I would like to show various examples from my life, which developed the trust into the unity of all and the Absolute in me. I'll write an additional article about it, but for introduction I'll mention one example here:

    For years I had been longing to express my creative energy through music, but I was so busy with my work and spiritual searches that I didn't find time for music. But one day I decided - I'll free time for music in my life and since I was amazed by the sounds of bamboo flute, I wanted to find a bansuri. At that time I had a conversation with a friend and totally unexpected he offered me a bansuri as a gift. Later at another meeting with him in the park, I suddenly heard somebody playing bansuri. This was the first time in my life, when I heard bansuri in the streets of Riga (Lv) and I saw a man who was beautifully playing it under a tree in the park. I came home, opened facebook and the first post, which I saw, was a picture with the same man. From the post I understood that he was a visiting yoga teacher from California. About 2 weeks later I got an invitation to a picnic in the same park and there came also the bansuri player. We had a nice conversation and he offered to me free bansuri classes. That's how the universe responds to wishes, wich come from heart...:)

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