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  1. Difficulties applying the universal laws in "real life"

  2. Understanding subtler aspects of the laws and their interconnectedness

    When trying to use the universal laws in life, you may face some difficulties and challenges. One of them arises from a lack of knowledge about finer and deeper aspects of the spiritual laws and their interconnectedness. For example, if you try to apply the Law of Attraction, knowing just the basics about how it works, you can end up with failures. Just using popular techniques like visualizations, affirmations, vision boards etc. can't guarantee positive results. You have to be aware also of the subtler details of the way the laws function to use them successfully. Remember experiments in physics in school? If you didn't get the necessary results, it was because of a lack of knowledge about important details and not because the laws of physics didn't work. Take the necessary time for studies and gather deeper understanding.

  3. Knowledge about physics is helpful 

    The second challenge shows up because of a lack of knowledge in physics. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”(Nicola Tesla)​ When reading about the universal laws, you stumble upon terms mentioned above and words like matter, particles of matter (atoms, quanta etc.), quantum physics, light, electromagnetic waves and others. If you don't really understand what these terms mean, your intellect can have difficulties to grasp the functioning of the universal laws. You may get doubts if they are "real" or whether this will work out, when trying to use the universal laws consciously in life. Doubts are generally negative energy and they can block positive outcomes of your practical efforts. Take a look at physics and you'll better understand the spiritual laws. "Spirituality in general is the physics we haven't understood yet." (Nassim Haramein)

  4. Importance of conscious life skills

    The third difficulty comes from a lack of conscious life skills (being here and now / being aware of your thoughts, emotions, words and activities / being able to transform your thoughts and emotions and create necessary ones / being aware of your subconscious beliefs and feelings / etc). For example - if you know that you need to tune into positive frequencies to attract like events and things in life. Practically this means to work with your thoughts, emotions and feelings - to adjust their frequency to positive ones. If you haven't developed these skills, it can be challenging to achieve positive results with the Law of Attraction and other universal laws.

  5. Releasing old thinking patterns

    The fourth challenge is releasing old thinking habits. Let's say you have gained new knowledge - studied the universal laws more thoroughly. Now you are trying to apply it all consciously in life, but in challenging situations and in cases of failure you still notice negative emotions, thoughts and doubts about the truth of the laws.

    Know that doubts like - "Will it work out?" or thoughts like "The laws don't work for me." can come even if you have had quite a lot success before. If this happens, understand that it takes time to release old thinking patterns and to harmoniously integrate the universal laws into your life. For some this can be really challenging, because the old and illusory ways of thinking and perception of the world have been with you many years and your "system" needs time to overwrite the old programs with the new discoveries. The old ways of perception of the world and negative emotional and mental reactions to different happenings have usually already become automatic. It may even seem to you that sometimes negative emotions and thoughts rule over you. But remember, that controlling emotions and thoughts can be learned as any other basic life skill, for example, writing or riding a bike. It just takes time and practice.

    So when you meet the old fears, doubts or other negativity, don't judge yourself, but concentrate on your transformative process. Learn to stop and take time for listening to yourself and understanding the reasons for them. For being able to stop and becoming aware if you are acting from old negative programs or from your heart and according to the spiritual laws, it is important to develop skills in self mastery. This includes learning to be in the present moment, to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, reactions and activities. Practice neutral witnessing, meditation and being in a meditative, conscious state during your daily activities. With such skills you can consciously meet challenges in your life and learn to react to them in wise and harmonious ways. 

  6. Full freedom and full responsibility about life

    The fifth challenge is to take full responsibility for your life. When discovering and understanding the laws, it becomes clear that everyone is a creator of the reality of the universe. That is a basic characteristic of human nature - to create. Everyone does it constantly with thoughts, emotions, intentions, beliefs, words and actions. But it is up to each individual to be a conscious or an unconscious creator. You can choose either to create the reality that your heart dreams of or to play by the rules, which are already set, to either build your own reality or to live in the one, which has been created. You can have absolute creative freedom and can take full responsibility for your life or  you can choose to take the role of a victim and allow different circumstances, events and people to rule over you.

    ~ Not everybody is ready to admit that he is a creator and has created his life like it is now with all its positive and negative aspects. ~

    Because then there is nobody whom to blame about the negative aspects of life - about unhappiness, failures, mistakes, goals not reached, dreams not realized, etc. Because it means to take full responsibility for your life and to set yourself free from all kind of victim attitudes towards anybody and anything...

    Sometimes you may not be aware that in some aspects you are seeing yourself as victim. But you do if you think that your life is governed by somebody or something negative from the outside. You can have victim attitudes towards illnesses, natural catastrophes, politicians, criminals, big business corportions and mass media or something else.

    This doesn't mean that you should ignore reality as it is in its various aspects. This also doesn't mean that you should accept, excuse or ignore the things somebody has done or is still doing. What's important is to understand that everything happens for a reason. One has to take the necessary lessons from the negative situations while discovering the true reasons for the negative occurrences.

    The key is to understand what needs to be developed in you through that situation. If you face feelings of being victimized then develop in yourself the contrary characteristics and skills like courage, responsibility and activity. Take back your power from the ones who have seemingly taken it, boost your creativity and find a way around the limitations you are meeting. Stop depending on and being limited by outer circumstances, forces, events, systems and other people. Become conscious of your true nature, creative power and responsibility of creating the life your heart is dreaming of. 

    Know that "The New Era is no longer a vision of the future. It is already manifesting itself in the daily life of innumerable individuals. If you read the paper or watch the news it may seem that the time is not ripe yet. But the awakening brought forward by the New Era starts at the level of the individual, not at the level of governments, institutions and organizations. It is in your own everyday existence that a new flow of energy presents itself. It is the flow of your heart that invites you and beckons you to live and to act according to its lightness and wisdom.

    ~ This is how the birthing of the New Era takes place, by ordinary individuals being attentive to the whispers of their heart. Spiritually the foundation of any real change or transformation is always laid on the individual level. ~

    The energy which is awakened in your hearts will gradually find its way through institutions and organizations which still hold on to the old paradigm of ego based consciousness. Old bulwarks of power will break down, not by violence but by the tender energy of the heart. If the heart takes over the lead the old will collapse, not under the pressure of power and violence but under the pressure of love." (Jeshua)*

  7. It can be challenging to practice the universal laws in an environment where people aren't aware of and don't live in harmony with the spiritual laws. When living in surroundings where the world perception is based on ego-thinking, separateness- and duality-consciousness, the ideas of the universal laws can seem unrealistic, dreamy and fuzzy. Even if you have experienced the truth of the spiritual laws through yourself in some situations, it can be challenging to practice them in life in other cases and such environments. It isn't easy to take full responsibility of the way you are living and to be different from other people. Sometimes it may seem to you, that if you don't play by the old rules of harsh survival and competition, you'll not achieve anything in such an environment.

    ~ But remember that above the rules of society are the universal laws. If you live aligned to spiritual laws, your heart will find a practical way out of the limitations of disharmonious circumstances, events, rules and social systems you may find yourself in. ~

    Actually the power which is keeping old disharmonious ways of life and rules alive lies within people themselves. Negative beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, decisions and activities are fueling the old system and keeping it alive. Therefore it is essential to remember that you are creating your reality. Stop waiting and being dependent on somebody/something from the outside and concentrate on peaceful creation and inspired action from your heart.  

    And if you choose to align your life to the spiritual laws, the reality changes. Opportunities show up for living a life in harmony with your heart and the universal laws. It doesn't matter whether your mind sees these opportunities at the moment, they are available to you nonetheless, if only you open yourself up to them. If you clear blocks of negative energy in your heart and your mind (negative emotions and thinking patterns), the new positive opportunities can reach you by the Law of Attraction. Know that: "It doesn't matter, where it is in the world or even if it doesn't exist yet, simply being at one with your desire and sending heart energy to it, will draw it to you like a magnet."(Elizabeth Daniels)**

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