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  1. Doubts if the universal laws are real

  2. The way of the mind and the heart

    Doubts arise from lack of knowledge and experience. If you have investigated something deeply and have experienced it fully through yourself, then it has become your knowledge and there is no place for doubts.

    Doubts come also because the mind and the heart know and accept things differently. There can come different impulses from them. The heart may feel the truth of an information intuitively, without any explanations or arguments. It just knows, because the heart is connected to the universal energy field and has access to information, which the mind can't reach. But the heart often can't and actually doesn't feel the necessity to prove it for the mind in a rational way. That's where the disagreement starts, because the mind usually accepts information only when it knows how, why, what, when. The average human mind asks for "scientifically proven" information, because through traditional education people are used to a very materialistic world view, based on rational thinking and discoveries of modern science.  

    There are some aspects in life, where it is considered as normal to listen to your heart, but it isn't a wide spread method for making decisions in life. For example, you don't need scientific evidence about love. When you love, you just feel and know it. But when you meet new information about unheard universal laws, which govern the universe, although your heart feels the truth behind it, your mind doubts it all and asks for practical detailed evidences.

    The mind is dominant in an average human in this time. When people start to awaken to the truths of life, the heart comes more and more into play and there arise struggles between the mind and the heart, until the individual recognizes that the heart is the wisest counselor and until the mind becomes a humble servant of the heart, understanding its own limits in discovering the world.

    Then it becomes natural to first ask the heart - is the information, which you stumble upon true or not? If you receive a positive impulse, then you can also assume with the intellect that it is true, until you gather the missing information and practical experience to understand it better with the mind. And if you can't find the information to understand it with the intellect, you can use the truths in life anyway, knowing that by the Law of Attraction the missing puzzle pieces will reach you in the perfect time.

  3. Noticing the limitations of the mind

    If the struggle between mind and heart is still active, there are some aspects, which help the mind to understand its limited thinking habits and to open up to the truths of life.

    ~ The mind is a precious instrument, but it has its limitations in grasping the character of the whole Reality of the universe. It receives the information about the world from the regular senses which are limited for the average human in this time. ~

    For example, do you see microbes without a microscope or do you hear subtler sounds your pet does ? Is the sun really a shining flat yellow circle like you see it? It is good to remember that the reality which we normally perceive is an interpretation of  Reality filtered through our senses and processed by the brain.


    But the mind has the tendency to ignore its limitations and to act like the greatest authority, who knows best, can decide best and who should always be asked for permission before you do, accept or believe something. Nevertheless there come situations in life, where the mind notices that it can't deal with various hardships, challenges in a rational way. Step by step it is forced to acknowledge that the Heart sees deeper, wider and has access to far higher and more precise information, which the mind can't access and grasp.

    ~ Usually it takes much time, practical experience and difficulties through which the mind learns to surrender and to take its proper place as the servant of the Heart instead of the Ruler of the man. ~


    Another aspect, that may help the mind to notice its limitations, is the habit to base its world view on rational modern science and education. But actually each period of history has its own level of achievements in science and spirituality, which is mirrored in the educational system. So the education corresponds more or less to the level of the specific time and place but not the whole reality in which we are living in. Imagine the difference in the level of science and education between medieval Europe or in the beginning of the 20th century or nowadays in Finnland? Besides, often the education even doesn't mirror the level of the achievements of present day science for instance, because it takes many years to include the new discoveries in the complicated education system and to change the old study programs. 

    ~ Generally, the laws of nature exist and operate in the universe before they are discovered by scientists and before they are included in educational systems. ~

    And so it is with the universal laws, which are simply subtler laws of nature. Like all other laws of nature, they operate always, perfectly and not depending on your awareness on them. For example, the law of gravity operated before it was recognized by scientists and it functions always - or have you noticed yourself sometimes flying around? :) The Earth circles the Sun, the seasons change perfectly, water evaporates at a specific temperature etc. The same invariable constancy which we notice in the laws of astronomy, physics or chemistry is found in all other laws of nature, including the spiritual laws.

    This can be hard to accept with the mind right away, because the universal laws are connected to a huge amount of aspects and spheres of life, which can take a lot of time in theoretical studies and practical experiments to understand and verify. Consequently, there may come doubts about some aspects of the laws, which aren't clear to you now. And therefore there can also come doubts about the whole system of laws.

    The doubts and faith in something can never be partial. The one, who doubts a part of spiritual laws, doubts all universal laws. Even if you are sure about them 99 %, the one percent, which isn't clear to you, can ruin the trust in challenging situations.

    The one who is dominated by his mind and afraid to admit that he doesn't know or understand something, needs to see all evidence with his own eyes and to touch it with his own hands. The thing is, that an average human in our time can't directly see or touch subtler phenomena and planes of existence, because of natural limitations of the physical human senses (according to science, human vision can perceive less than 1 % of the universal energy and therefore reality). But also, the devices of modern science have their limitations and aren't capable of fully detecting subtler planes of nature and their phenomena.

    Nevertheless you can notice and understand the subtler phenomena and universal laws by witnessing their expressions in life. You can gather your own experience and achieve understanding of the laws through practical experiments.

    ~ When you see that universal laws are really working, then you can use them in your life with confidence, even if you don't have all of the knowledge which explains, why they are working. ~

    Actually we are doing it all the time. We are using all kinds of achievements of modern science, not knowing how they are working (eg. not knowing the physics, chemistry etc. behind them). You can use a smart phone by just tapping it, without the understanding of all finer physical and chemical processes, which allow you to do that.

    Besides, your overall word view is based on trust and the assumption of things, which are discovered mostly by others and which don't come from your personal life experience. You trust without doubt many phenomena, which fall outside the limits of your senses, mind and knowledge. For example, you haven't seen radio waves or text messages flying around, but you don't doubt them. But when you don't see your thoughts and emotions which are subtler waves of energy, you start to doubt if they are real.

    Think of this more and you'll become aware that the things you assume as real and true are to a great extent based on your thinking habits and information received from your education, family, surroundings and mass media. The majority of these things is not directly experienced by you, but you don't doubt them, because you are used to them and because other people in your surroundings are.

    So when you meet new and unusual information like the universal laws, the mind asks for evidence before including it in the existing world view. But actually it is necessary not only to "check" the new information, but also the knowledge you already have. People often have inherited very limited, incomplete and false world views. 

  4. Practical personal experience

    For checking what is true, it is very helpful to do practical experiments and see how things work. But remember that without deeper studies and knowledge about subtler aspects of the laws and their interconnectedness, the experiments can end up in failure. Like other laws of nature, the universal laws ask for subtler, deeper knowledge and practical skills to be used consciously in life.

    If you meet failures and disappointment, know that it is natural to go through a lot of experiments, mistakes, successes and deeper studies to really grasp the meaning of the spiritual laws and to harmoniously integrate them into your life. The main ideas of the laws are quite easy to grasp, but when applying the spiritual laws practically in life, there show up many subtler aspects, which take more time to study and understand. Be ready to "dive deep", to search, study and practice, until you get true understanding of things. 

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