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  1. What are universal laws ?

    We live in a mysterious universe. Nevertheless there exist constant laws and principles, which govern the Mystery. Some of them have been observed by scientists and are called the laws of nature (eg. the laws of physics, chemistry or astronomy). Further, more subtle laws have been understood and framed by mystics, yogis and spiritual scientists of all times and are called the universal or spiritual laws. There are various interconnected spiritual laws - the law of Divine Oneness, the law of Vibration, the law of Polarity, the law of Cause and Effect, etc.

    Though many people aren't aware that there exist such laws or don't know, how they actually operate, because they are not taught to us in traditional educational systems. But the know-how of these spiritual laws is essential. The universal laws are like a spiritual ABC, which everyone should know for living a harmonious and fulfilled life.

    These laws are of universal nature and don't belong to any religion or a concrete spiritual tradition or way, but they have been part of various ancient spiritual traditions and are still today. The universal laws apply to everybody and everything like other laws of Nature. Like the laws of physics, chemistry or astronomy, the universal laws lie in the nature of the universe and don't come from a specific author or group of people. They were created together with the universe by the Universal Consciousness (called also God, the Absolute,...) and have been passed through generations through various spiritual teachers. 

    These spiritual laws govern every aspect of all creation and refer to everything and everybody, always. They were created at the beginning of the universe to secure that the world exists and thrives in a perfect, harmonious way. These laws operate with certainty and apply to all planes, including our inner and outer worlds. The seeming randomness or chaos in the world is actually an inability to see the chains of causes and effects of the processes, which are taking place. The universal principles regulate with absolute precision all aspects of creation - all events, conditions and circumstances experienced by everyone personally or collectively. They apply to everyone, irrespective of age, nationality, geographic location, gender, educational background, world view, social status, etc.

  2. And like all other laws of nature, the spiritual principles are functioning 100% of the time, regardless of whether you are conscious or ignorant of them. For example, the law of gravity operated before it was understood by scientists and it functions always - or have you noticed yourself sometimes flying around? :) The Earth circles the Sun, the seasons change perfectly, water evaporates at a specific temperature etc. The same invariable constancy which is noticed in the laws of astronomy, physics or chemistry is found in all other laws of nature, including the spiritual laws.

    Natural laws are unchanging

    Natures laws can't be changed or cancelled because they lie in the nature of things. They are universal instead of human made artificial local laws. Unlike artificial laws, the universal laws aren't threats or commands “Do this” or “Do not do that” and there is no penalty, if they aren't followed. The universe does not punish. The universal law is a statement of conditions under which a certain result always happens. By such and such conditions, such and such results follow. 

    The universal laws are inescapable, but not in a negative way like being determined without free choice or will. They serve as a necessary stable base for a harmonious operation of life in the universe and give perfect security. In a universe without constant laws, where everything would happen differently every day, all human efforts and reasoning would be pointless. But knowing the universal laws and using them consciously, you can be sure about certain results. Therefore perceive the spiritual laws as a call and instruction for your heart to live the most harmonious and conscious way of life. 

  3. Knowledge gives freedom

    Annie Besant notes that:"Every law of nature is an enabling, not a compelling force, but knowledge is necessary for utilising her powers."* Without the knowledge of the universal laws, in challenging life situations, you may become confused, frustrated, desperate, etc. It may seem to you that life is ruining your plans and hopes and you may see yourself as a victim of various events, people and forces. But, when you have studied and understood the universal laws, you discover that the spiritual laws serve you and become your helpers and uplifters. 

    But similar to other laws of nature, there is a need for a deeper knowledge about all aspects of the universal principles and an understanding of the interconnectedness between them to use the spiritual laws successfully. A deeper understanding of the spiritual laws together with conscious practical use allows you to create a meaningful, inspired, fulfilled and harmonious way of life. It happens naturally, when you align your life to the spiritual laws and consciously harmonize with the Universal Consciousness. Change begins within and with you.

    Discover the universal laws and principles:

    1. Law of Divine Oneness 
    2. Law of Vibration
    3. Law of Mentalism 
    4. Law of Correspondence
    5. Law of Polarity
    6. Law of Rhythm
    7. Law of Cause and Effect 
    7.1 Law of Giving and Receiving
    8. Law of Evolution
    8.1 Law of Life Purpose
    8.2 Principle of Challenge and Negativity 
    8.3 Law of Success
    9. Principle of Love 
    10. Principle of Knowledge


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