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  1. Join us!

    If the project has deeply touched your heart and sparkled a wish to help to realize our vision (described here), we are open for creative and spiritual collaboration! We are welcoming people with different talents, skills and also practical help via financial support or other ways. So if you are a web designer, animator, programmer, good in writing or translating texts, a spiritual seeker or have some other talent, which makes your heart shine and could be useful for the project, we'll be glad to hear from you!

    To our co-creators we offer:

    • the chance to express your soul energy in an inspiring way and with a meaningful purpose
    • to be a part of a project with special value
    • meetings of new inspiring people (team gatherings) and sharing of life, spiritual experience
    • free personal consultations about using universal laws in your life (live or via skype)
    • recommendation of your professional services (in social networks, our website, mass media)
    • sometimes also self made cookies :)


    We expect from our co-creators:


    • ability to work as a volunteer (with further development of the project these can change also to paid jobs)
    • self-initiative and responsibility 
    • understanding of the universal laws and resonance with the spiritual values presented through the website of this project
    • listening to your heart
    • the inner calling to serve the Universal Consciousness, humanity and the world in general


    Before applying please consider also the following:


    • when you offer your skills, talents and experience, then please mention only that what you really love and want to do. We want to keep the energy around the project on high vibrations of joy and happiness, so if you contribute to the project, then only in a way that fulfills you and makes your heart shine.
    • for a harmonious and inspiring cooperation the match of peoples energy and world-view is essential. If we feel a wonderful resonance between us and honestly enjoy our communication, then we can work together. So please take some time to feel the energy of the creators of the project through discovering this site and listen to your heart, if there is a beautiful resonance. 
    • we are based in Riga, Latvia (Europe), but are planning to develop an online community for our co-creators all over the world.
    • if you decide to apply, please know that depending from the work you offer for the development of the project, maybe there isn't any appropriate job to do at the moment or maybe there will be something to do in a month or a few. All happens in a natural flow...


    If this all sounds good to you, please fill the form bellow and we will answer as soon as possible!


    From heart to heart,

    founder, designer

    * Hot air balloon image from: www.wikipedia.org