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  1. Applying the Law of Attraction successfully (part 1)

  2. The Law of Attraction is widely known in this time, but people often have difficulties attracting what they wish. People try out some techniques like visualizations, positive thinking, affirmations, vision boards, but often don't get the results they expect. Usually they do have some success with smaller things like suddenly receiving as a present or unexpectedly finding something they were looking for (a book, shoes, concert tickets, necessary help, etc.)


    But in important aspects, to which people pay much attention, like getting a new job, finding love relationships etc. people often don't experience success. Consequently, there arise a lot of negative emotions and thoughts, and they decide that the few cases with positive results were just coincidences or luck and that the Law of Attraction "doesn't work for them" or "does so only sometimes". To think like that would be the same as to assume that the law of gravity works only for some people and sometimes. The Law of Attraction is a natural universal law and works always, as do all other laws of nature. It is because of lack of knowledge about subtler aspects of its functioning and missing conscious life skills, that people fail in their efforts of realizing their dreams. In these articles I will point out important subtler aspects connected to the Law of Attraction, which help to use it successfully.

    Deeper meaning of the Law of Attraction

    The Law of Attraction is a part of a whole beautifully designed system of universal laws. Many people are familiar with the basics of the Law of Attraction, but aren't aware of its subtler aspects and connection to other natural laws. Without the understanding of other spiritual laws, you'll naturally get difficulties in attracting what you wish and in manifesting your dream reality.

    To use the Law of Attraction successfully, it is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of all universal laws and apply them together in life. This fact isn't often mentioned because the universal laws are spiritual laws and to study and apply them in life means to develop spiritually. Not everybody is on a conscious spiritual path and ready to grasp the deeper meaning of the universal laws or to recognize that the laws were created and that the universe is governed by a Higher Force - the Universal Consciousness. That's why often the Law of Attraction is taken out of context of other universal laws and presented alone in an oversimplified manner - just as a series of effective techniques how to manifest what you want in life. But those who are able to grasp the deeper and more subtle aspects of the Law of Attraction and all other universal laws, discover a new meaningful, magical way of life filled with unity, love, peace, security and inspiration.

  3. Understanding what you really need

    Before you start to use the Law of Attraction, it is recommended to take a look at your dreams and goals and to become aware about the deeper intentions and needs, which lie behind them. Will the things or life situation, which you are planning to attract really give you what you need? For example, you wish a promotion at your job. Maybe you actually desire to increase your self-esteem? And maybe you should look for other ways how to achieve this and discover how not to be dependent of outer things to meet your subtler inner needs.

  4. Some people see the Law of Attraction as a quick and effective tool to manifest all of their wishes, desires etc. right away. But when achieving something and even everything they wanted, they realize that the happiness and fulfillment of realizing their dreams always fades away. It lasts for a while and maybe even for a long time, but then it disappears and new desires together with dissatisfaction show up. Somehow it is never enough.

    The reasons for this are connected to how the human mind works. The mind has the tendency not appreciate what you have now and to concentrate on what you are lacking. It is constantly looking into the future or past and fails to notice and be grateful for the present moment. Besides, the human mind and senses ask for constant pleasures. When you meet basic needs, you feel happy, but after a while you notice that you desire subtler satisfactions. This goes on forever. It applies to various aspects of life - be it bodily pleasures (food, spa procedures etc.) or things (clothes, modern technologies etc.) or more subtle intellectual and emotional pleasures - books, music, art, various adventures etc.  

    Inner emptiness and fulfillment

    Here comes another reason for the inconstancy of inner fulfillment. People are trying to fulfill their inner feeling of emptiness with things and phenomena outside of themselves. Margaret Paul, Ph.D. has described this topic nicely: "Most people who feel empty have no idea what is supposed to be in that empty space. (...) They might believe they are empty because they don’t have a relationship, or their relationship isn’t loving or connected, or they don’t have enough sex or enough money or enough things. (...) I’ve worked with people who have everything they believed would fill them up and they still feel empty. They seek my help because they are suffering and they don’t know what to do about it. (...)

    Inner emptiness does not come from a lack of something external — not even a lack of being loved by someone else. It comes from a lack of one thing only: a lack of awareness of the love that is the energy we live in. You can call this love God or spirit or light or whatever else you want. The fact is, we live in a universe of love, and unless you know how to open yourself to that love — to feel it within your heart and soul — you will feel empty inside. Once you know how to embrace the love within, then you not only feel full inside, but you know that you are not alone in the universe — that love is always here for you. And once you experience yourself full to overflowing with love, you will have love to share with others. You no longer need to try so hard to get love from others. You are no longer empty and needy for something external to fill your emptiness and make you feel okay." *

  5. So before attracting something, take a look at your wishes and discover the deeper needs behind them. When you discover your deep-seated needs, then you can contemplate about what's really necessary to fulfill them and start to create and attract these things into your life directly.

    All you do is manifesting

    From simplified information sources about the Law of Attraction people get the impression that the law is just a set of techniques for manifesting what they desire. They assume that using techniques like positive affirmations, visualizations or vision boards they'll automatically attract what they wish for.

    While these techniques definitely help to do that, it is essential to keep in mind that everything you do in your life is a part of your manifestation process. The way you think, feel and act every day is already your manifestation. Whether you are aware of it or not, every second of your life, you are acting as human magnet radiating your feelings, emotions and thoughts into the universe and attracting back what you have sent out in the form of appropriate events, people and circumstances. 

  6. So instead of just concentrating on the techniques, one should become aware of how he is living his entire life. The benefit of the techniques lies in the conscious work with energy while you are using them. The goal for using tools like visualizations or vision boards is to match the energetic vibration of your dreams and fill your energy field with it. When your vibrations correspond to your wishes, they can be attracted into your life.

    Actually it isn't so necessary to try to match the specific vibrations of your goal on purpose, if you are living in constant harmonious, joyful flow, filled with love and gratitude energy. Have you noticed how you naturally attract beautiful circumstances, events, people and things without "ordering" them, when you are in an excellent mood? For example, when traveling or during vacation, celebrations or when being in love? The universe is absolutely loving and generous and we can experience it when we are open to receive and vibrating on higher positive vibrations like joy, gratitude and love.

    So remember, the Law of Attraction isn't just about using some techniques, but about being aware of and taking care of your energy. This means to be conscious about your feelings, emotions, thoughts, words, beliefs (also in sub-consciousness) and actions in daily life. 

  7. Taking full responsibility about what you create

    When you explore the Law of Attraction, it becomes clear that according to the law you have attracted each of your life experiences (positive and negative) by yourself. For some people it is hard to acknowledge this, because it means to take full responsibility for your life. Then there is nobody to blame about your possible failures, lack of success, unhappiness, difficulties or suffering and there is no alibi to carry around with you such feelings such as victimhood or resentment. Some people aren't ready for full responsibility for their lives and consequently reject the Law of Attraction as untrue. But the ones who are willing to take full responsibility for what they have created in the past, can enjoy full freedom and security while creating their lives in the present and future.

  8. This was the 1st article about meaningful and successful use of the Law of Attraction. I recommend you to check out the 2nd article about this topic, which deals with more subtle knowledge on how to apply this law in practical life. Take a look at the article here!

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