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  1. Applying the Law of Attraction successfully (part 2)

  2. From my personal experiments and moments of success and failures I have seen that for a successful use of the Law of Attraction it is necessary to have deeper not only basic knowledge about this law. I'll sum up some of the most important aspects of using the Law of Attraction in this article.

    Creating from the heart

    "Manifesting from the heart transforms the Law of Attraction from something you try to do on your own with your mind to something you create hand-in-hand with the Universe." (Elizabeth Daniels*) 
    People often try to manifest their wishes with the mind and invest a lot of energy in popular techniques like positive affirmations, visualizations, vision boards etc. But it is good to remember that the power of these manifestation methods lies in the heart and less the mind energy which you put into them. The mentioned tools are very powerful when you create necessary feelings and emotions, which tune you into high vibrations, which match the vibrations of your wishes. Then the universe can deliver to you what you have wished by the Law of Attraction without strenuous effort of your mind.

  3. So how to manifest from the heart? There are various ways, I'll describe my favorite methods:


    • 1 Setting heartfelt intentions

    I take time for being in peace and silence, when I am in a peaceful state of mind. But if you are familiar with meditation, you can calm your mind consciously and go into the "inner silence" zone, where the stream of daily thoughts doesn't bother you. In the silence I listen carefully to my heart and find out, if that, what I plan to manifest, is really necessary to me. This is important, because doubts or other negative feelings like fear can greatly ruin the creative process. Then I also check, if my wishes are in harmonious alignment with other living beings and the Law of Divine Oneness. If I'm sure about that, I start my creation process. I concentrate on that, what I want to manifest, for example, a wonderful new place of living. I listen to my heart and reach out to the Universal Consciousness and ask for help for finding the right place, where I should be and live. I speak openly about my needs and wishes and list everything, what is important to me - that I would like to live in nature, in a sunny, peaceful house, etc. I allow myself to list everything, what my heart actually desires without limitations. And by listing each important aspect, I feel more and more joy, love, fulfillment, happiness, freedom, etc. and that's how I fill my wishes with a lot of positive heart energy.


    And I remember that I deserve to receive what I wish for and that it doesn't matter, if it is somewhere in the world or if it doesn't exist yet, because my heart energy will draw it to me by the Law of Attraction. I ask the Universal Consciousness to deliver it to me in a harmonious way absolutely in alignment with my heart in the right time and place and trust that it will be so. I also ask for ideas for understanding, how to contribute to the manifestation process and listen to my heart for inspired action. I am ready to follow inspired action after the listening and during the rest of the manifestation process, until the wish has been manifested. I stay in an open state of mind and look for signs, which help me in the manifestation. And when it has been manifested, I thank the Universal Consciousness from my heart and send love and gratitude.

    • 2 Heartfelt visualization


    The second method is heartfelt visualization and playful daydreaming.  Again I take time to be in silence and peace, to listen to my heart and to find out, what is really necessary for me. When I'm sure about what I wish to manifest and that it is in harmony with others and with the Law of Divine Oneness, I use this method: I take some peaceful time during the day or just "daydream", when I have some free time, for example, when I'm on my way somewhere or have to wait. Then I imagine myself having what I wish and using it and enjoying it absolutely. I see myself like in a beautiful movie and notice, how does it feel, when I have it, how does it look into details (color, touch, smell, etc.). I play and imagine, as long and as often as I feel inspired to do so. After the visualization I also stay in an open state of mind, listen for inspired action from my heart (to go somewhere, to call somebody, etc.) and pay attention to signs in the outer world, until my wish is manifested.


    Such heartfelt practices are very helpful in manifestation process, since they charge your wish with a lot of positive heart energy and allow the Law of Attraction to deliver it to you in a peaceful and often "miraculous" way. And it works so well, because heart energy is the energy of love, joy, happiness, peace, trust, acceptance, creativity, freedom and endless possibilities. It is the energy of your essence - your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness. And because love is the biggest magnet in the world, heartfelt setting of intentions and visualization or daydreaming together with inspired action are some of the most powerful creation tools, which you can use when creating your life.  

    Heart - mind conflict

    Your heart and brain work like transmitters which broadcast the vibrations and waves of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings into the world. These vibrations reach out into the universal field of energy and interact with everything and everybody that surrounds you. The heart emits your energy in the universal field with a force ~100 times stronger than the brain. It is important that your heart and mind send out the same information so they don't react against each other. If you plan something with your mind and ignore the contrary impulses from the heart, you often fail to manifest what you intended, because the heart energy greatly surpasses mind energy. In connection to this topic I recommend this book - "The DNA Field and the Law of Resonance: Creating Reality through Conscious Thought", Pierre Franckh, Destiny Books, Rochester, 2014.

  4. Acting from heart

    Usually you have to engage in some action to support your dreams and goals to make them reality. But when following the impulses for action, it is relevant to be guided by the heart and take action inspired from heart instead from the mind. The rational plans of the mind can't guarantee you positive results and may cost you energy loss through unnecessary activities. The flow of life can't be controlled and your life can't be planned by rational thinking and acting.


    But since the heart is connected to the universal energy field and higher wisdom outside the limitations of the mind, it naturally follows the flow of life and allows to manifest your wishes in the most easy and joyful way by the Law of Economy of Energy.


    To learn to act from the heart is essential at our time, because in the modern busy life people are overwhelmed with information, impulses from the outside, tasks, the need to make quick decisions and doing many activities every day. If people try to deal with all that using just their mind, they often suffer from psychological pressure, stress, fear, loss of energy, lack of time for themselves, etc.


    So how to distinguish, when the impulse for action comes from heart? Heart-inspired action is unplanned, feels good, light, joyful and exciting. There is an internal nudge for doing something, but it is like a friendly call, which inspires you for action and fills with energy. Instead action from the mind feels like pushing and when you follow it you try hard to make things happen and lose energy.


    Connected to this topic I would also like to mention that it is important not to mix heart inspired action with acting from emotions. For example, you had a crazy day at work and you feel like quitting. While changing your workplace may be inspired action from the heart, the practical steps should be made at the right moment and from a peaceful state of being. It is good to combine heart and mind in a friendly cooperation - the heart gives the goal and inspiration for action and the mind follows it and helps to realize the wishes of the heart. Besides, it is important to learn patience and trust in life, because results of inspired action may show up quickly and they may take a while - depends from your individual situation and what you are manifesting.

  5. Manifesting with ease and peace

    When people are new to the universal laws and just have basic knowledge about the Law of Attraction, they often have doubts if it will work. Together with doubts there usually comes fear of failure and competition (other people who want the same), stress, anger, tension, impatience - why something isn't manifested yet, etc. Basically all that comes from ego and separateness-consciousness and mind control over the heart. When a person sees himself as separate from most other people, nature (elements, minerals, plants, animals), spirits, the whole planet Earth, the universe and the Absolute, he can't use the Law of Attraction peacefully and confidently.

    But when an individual discovers the Law of Divine Oneness and manages to, step by step, shift from separateness to unity consciousness, the manifestation process becomes an amazing, magical game instead of previous unpredictable strenuous efforts. A separate individual tries to achieve his goals alone with his mind and techniques of the Law of Attraction. A person who's heart is in charge (instead of his mind) and who feels and knows the unity, peace, love, joy, abundance of the Absolute and the universe, engages in a harmonious, loving co-creation with the Absolute and manifests his dreams with ease and absolute trust. The connection to the Absolute and his Love, gives him peace and faith for manifesting everything what his heart asks for and secures perfect results. (I warmly recommend to become familiar with the Law of Divine Oneness in this article).

  6. How much time does it take?

    Have you noticed that your small wishes manifest very quickly, but the things you really care about often take much time to show up? The reason for this isn't because they would be more difficult to manifest. For the Universe there is nothing too hard or too big. It often takes longer, because of these main factors:
    a) Your tension to get it as soon as possible - you wish it now and become impatient when it doesn't show up as you expect it. This is followed by anger, irritation, hopelessness.
    b) Attachment to the result - you don't feel okay without it and definitely need to have it. This builds great tension and stress in you and often has to do with deeper inner dissatisfaction in some aspects of life.
    c) Doubts, if it's working and if it will manifest at all - you feel insecure and don't really realize that you are the creator of your reality. Besides, you don't have enough knowledge about the practical operation of the law and lack trust and conscious loving connection to the Universal Consciousness.

    The above mentioned negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs attract only more negative experiences in your life and don't allow the manifestation of your dreams, because your negative vibrations don't match the positive vibrations of your wishes and according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like.

    To secure success in the manifesting process and to make your dreams happen, you have to 1) manage your emotions and thoughts, 2) step by step, peacefully let go all negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, 3) enjoy the present life in all of the aspects you can and learn to be grateful and happy in the now, 4) keep your hope alive no matter if you see results coming, because it's already on its way to you, 5) trust fully to the universe that your wish will be manifested at the perfect time and place. 

    And exactly the daily awareness of what you are thinking, feeling, speaking and doing is the key to a successful manifestation, because you are creating your reality all the time. Some people do heartfelt visualizations, affirmations, etc. in the morning or evening and don't notice that they spend the rest of the day in negative thoughts and emotions. But the Law of Attraction works constantly and attracts to you people, events and circumstances according to your energy all the time. If you become aware of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions and manage them, you can consciously create your life instead of letting things happen to you.

  7. Being aware of your subconscious energy

    Sometimes people are seemingly doing all that they should to get positive results, but they still come up short. They think positively, visualize with heart energy, are mostly in good vibes and grateful about what they have now, trust that it will show up in the perfect moment etc., but they don't get the desired results. The thing is that the Law of Attraction takes into account your real energy. It is absolutely objective, neutral and precise in mirroring your whole energy. It reacts not only to your conscious thoughts, emotions, but also to your subconscious beliefs and feelings. If you have negative energy in your subconsciousness, it can block the manifestation of your conscious wishes. Therefore, it is necessary to become aware of your unconscious beliefs, thoughts and emotions and to release, heal all possible negative issues.

    It happens often that people aren't aware of their negative feelings and beliefs, because they push them out of consciousness when following stereotypes about successful living. People have heard that they must be positive to attract positive events and circumstances in life, that they should exchange their negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones and the like. And that's basically true. But before you get positive, you have to always be absolutely authentic about your real thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs. You can't trick the Law of Attraction by being artificially positive. When you become conscious about your buried negative issues, then you can, step by step, understand them, release and heal them. When you release the negative energy, you'll naturally raise your vibrations and can attract the things, events, circumstances which are vibrating on the high, positive vibrations.

    To become aware of your negative issues means to take time off from your daily active schedule and to look deep inside of you. You have to face your negative emotions, thoughts to deal with them. And this is hard for many people, because they are afraid of their negative aspects. They don't accept themselves fully as they are - with all negative thoughts, emotions, desires, instincts and imperfections. Such individuals criticize their shadow aspect, see it as bad and consequently try to push it away into the subconscious. Besides, emotions and beliefs can be so intense that people sometimes can't stand them, they often feel the emotions taking over them and are afraid of them.

    But when you gain deeper knowledge about human constitution and the operative principles of thoughts and emotions, you understand that negative thoughts and emotions are just energy and under the power of your consciousness and will.

  8. Step by step progress

    Please note that a harmonious application of the knowledge about the Law of Attraction (and other universal laws), takes time. This can be days, weeks, months, years and in some aspects maybe your whole life and it's absolutely natural. Have you ever become a master of something in a few days? With a conscious and wise use of the Law of Attraction you can notice positive changes also in a few minutes, hours or days already, but to use it always with success, takes more time for learning and practicing.

    The time depends also on spiritual development, previous life experience and energetic health of a person. Just remember, the integration of the laws in life is more like a step by step journey with beautiful adventures and challenges than arriving at the final destination right away.

    Be kind and loving to yourself, when things don't happen as you expect. Concentrate more on your development process than on specific results. The positive outcomes will show up anyway following the Law of Cause and Effect.

    Shaktilover speaks about this topic beautifully. She reminds that your life is always a creative process, absolutely natural like it is right now. You are allowed to experience all feelings and thoughts, which come to you and don't need to wait for some state of perfection, when all will be "right". Accept all of yourself and your life in whatever state it is now, without the need to hide, resist or change something to see yourself as good and complete. Learn to love all of you and your life in whatever period, because "You are not a product, you are a beautiful and dynamic process. This is true in every moment - there is inherent perfection in existence with all it’s shades and flavors, a perfection in this play of consciousness that is always unfolding. (...)"**

    P.s.I wish you peace and inspiration in your creative manifestation process! While realizing your dreams, please remember about the Law of Divine Oneness and the Law of Cause and Effect. Listen to your heart and create in harmony with all universal laws and living beings!

  9. Further discoveries:

    Above I have pointed out some of the most important aspects which allow the use the Law of Attraction successfully in life. I encourage you to make further discoveries also. Besides, this was the 2nd article about the successful use of the Law of Attraction. If you haven't already done so, I recommend to check out the 1st article about this topic, which deals with how to apply this law in a meaningful way. Take a look at the article here!

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