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  1. 7 Law of Cause and Effect 

    This principle explains that there is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause. It also states that there is no such thing as chance or luck, that these terms indicate cause existing, but not recognized or perceived. Nothing happens by chance or outside the universal laws. Every action generates energy that returns to you in like kind. You "reap what you have sown." There is a relation existing between everything that has gone before, happens now and everything that follows.

  2. Not only physical actions, but also thoughts, emotions and words are real causes which result in direct or indirect effects. Your thoughts, etc., are sent out into the universe as waves of energy and create ripples in the unified universal field of energy, communicating with everything and everybody around. The energy you send out follows an ellipselike trajectory and works like a boomerang. It attracts similar energy and comes back to you as according experiences and events, but all multiplied in its strength. Positive causes will materialize into your life as positive effects and negative causes as negative results.

  3. Because everybody and everything is connected in the universal field of energy, everybody has an impact on everybody else and is affected by the whole universe. Simply put, you have an impact on the world just as others have on you. All individual centers of consciousness are part of the Universal Consciousness and can use their free will to benefit themselves and society as a whole, by choosing positive thoughts, emotions, words and actions in daily life. You may not notice direct effects of your positive deeds right away, but you can be sure that the appropriate effects will follow.

  4. Using the law of Cause and Effect

    By understanding this law and applying it to your daily life, you can create your own destiny the way you wish it to be. To use the Law of Cause and Effect successfully, you should remember a few things.

    Living in the Now

    The first thing to remember is to live in the now. You should always try your best to begin right causes at the present moment. Often people live in the future or past and are tied to their hopes or memories. From the past you can take valuable experience as lessons. And you should be open for all possibilities of the future, but now is the important moment to act. Now is the time to start positive causes.


    What happened before, has happened and you have to accept its consequences. But the future depends on you and can be formed as your heart wishes it to be. If you do the right thing in the moment, you don't need to worry about the future, because the right effects will follow according to law. Free yourself from anxious thoughts about the future and instead use the energy for constructive action in the present. 

    Dalai Lama (XIV) has summed it up beautifully: “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.” 

  5. Making conscious choices

    The second thing to do is to become aware of the choices you are making in each moment. You are constantly in the field of all possibilities of the universe and can select from an infinity of opportunities. Sometimes you are choosing consciously, but sometimes not.

    Many people choose unconsciously and aren't aware that they have predictable responses to impulses from the outside. They react to other people, events, situations and circumstances in their life automatically. For example, if you would be showed disrespect, you would likely choose to feel insulted. But if you would hear a compliment, you probably would make the choice to feel gratified. But you could also decide to not to be offended or to not to be pleased - it's actually your choice.

    If you learn to be in the now and notice the choices you are making in each moment, you can step by step free yourself from automatic predictable reactions and create your future exactly as you wish it to be. When you witness your thoughts, emotions, feelings and impulses, you can understand their causes and choose what you really want to experience in your life. By consciously transforming negative reactions into positive ones, you create new positive causes with corresponding positive effects in your life.

  6. There is a simple method, which you can use for making conscious choices. At the moment of decision listen to your heart and feel what kind of consequences your choice will have. Will the results make you or others happier or not? If the answer is negative, make a better choice. Ofcourse sometimes it can be difficult to decide, because the same choice can make one person happy and an other person unhappy. In such cases remember that it isn't just about making choices, which "look" good. It is about making the right choice according to the impulses of your heart, which is directly connected to the universal field of energy and knows the best course of action in the moment, no matter how the mind perceives the situation. The heart has access to the pure knowledge and limitless organizing abilities of the universe and takes into account aspects the rational mind can't grasp. Its impulses may sometimes look irrational, but its ability to tell you the right choice is far more accurate and precise than the suggestions made by the mind.

    So while making choices, consciously give attention to your heart and ask for guidance. The answer may come as concrete thoughts and feelings or as a sensation. It may be very subtle, but it is there and can be noticed. If you are confused, try to relax and stay in stillness. Check also the feelings in the area of solar plexus. For some people or in some situations this is the area where you can notice inner impulses. If the sensations are pleasant, that indicates the right choice, if the feelings are negative, then it's not the correct choice.

  7. How to deal with negative effects from the past causes?

    But what can you do, when the negative causes materialize as negative effects? You can take them as lessons and there is always the possibility to start a new positive cause. Besides, you can even find a way how to profit by the negative results. 

    When the negative effects show up, consider what kind of lessons you can take from them. Why did they occur and what is the message behind it for you to understand? Is there a way you can share your valuable experience with other people? Thinking about that, you may discover an opportunity how to combine your gained experience with your talents and skills. You may find a way how to share what you learned with others by creating something helpful for others, who have had similar difficulties. (F. ex. books, tutorials, new products) This allows you to transform the negative effects into a positive experience and will bring into your life positive new events.

  8. Periodical mistakes

    Sometimes there are mistakes in your life, which happen again and again. They show up in specific situations or when being together with a particular kind of people, or being challenged with concrete circumstances. When you notice the same situations recurring in your experience repeatedly, you can become careful and respond to them in a conscious way. If you become aware of your usual thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and activities in these repeating situations, understand them and work with them, you can consciously choose how to react to the repeating situations. That's how you can initiate positive causes instead of repeatedly creating negative causes. The appropriate positive effects will follow naturally.

    If you keep reacting to the periodically appearing mistakes in such a manner, you can thus free yourself from your imperfections step by step. While doing that, don't worry about your failures. It does not matter so much that you fail. The important thing to keep in mind is that you learn lessons from them.

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