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  1. 1 Law of Divine Oneness

    This law tells that everything that exists, seen and unseen, emanates from one source of energy. Nothing exists outside of this source. This source is endless in terms of time, space and force. Some call this source God, Absolute or the Universal Consciousness. What is Universal Consciousness? A simple explanation for it would be that it is a unified field of intelligent energy that is the source and substance of everything. This energy flows through everything - through all living beings and seemingly lifeless forms of matter. Universal Consciousness is all loving, all knowing, all powerful and is found everywhere - in all dimensions of space and time. This is a field of pure consciousness and absolute creativity with boundless opportunities. It is characterized also by pure joy, perfect balance, bliss and freedom.

  2. This universal energy is also your source and substance. In its highest form this energy is present in you as your Higher Self. Every human has this special divine particle - the Higher Self and each individual is like a drop in an immeasurable, eternal ocean - the Universal Consciousness.

  3. In this field of Divine Oneness everything and everybody is connected to each other, inseparable from each other. There are links between everything that exists, so everything is affected by everything else, - all living beings and seemingly non-living material things. All humans, nature and the whole planet Earth (elements, minerals, plants, insects, animals,...), spirits and everything else known and unknown in the Universe. The world doesn't consist of separate individuals, things or events. We are all part of this unifying field of energy similar to individual cells which are part of a greater organism. If someone is hurt, we all are harmed. If someone is healed, we all are blessed. Each individual thought, emotion, word or activity has a corresponding effect on others and the world around us. There is a constant interaction between everyone and everything, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we feel the consequences of our creations and interactions in the moment or not.

  4. The idea of oneness and constant interaction between everything is easier to grasp, if we look at one of the basic laws of physics - the law of energy. This law states that everything is energy. Everything consists of, and exists as energy. Everything that you believe to be solid is actually impulses of energy moving at a certain frequency. Energy can't be created or destroyed, it only changes form. Everything that exists is continually moving or changing form. The different forms are made up of small particles - atoms and subatomic particles. It is noticed at the atomic level and even more in the plane of subatomic particles, that the components of matter are all interconnected and interdependent. They aren't isolated from each other, but function as parts of the whole. For example, your energy particles aren’t fixed, in fact, particles may be flowing into and out of you now from the sky, the floor, your pet or your best friend. In other words - there is no separation.

  5. Personal experience with the law of Divine Oneness

    Since I always value real experience stories from other people, I'll share my personal experience of grasping and applying the law of Divine Oneness into life. A deeper understanding of this law and trust came to me only step by step and through various transforming life experiences. I'll cover the essential information in the following and further articles.

    Discovering oneness through myself

    When I heard about the concept of unity of everything, I felt a resonance with the idea in my heart. I accepted it also with my mind, when looking at researches of modern physics, but nevertheless I often had doubts if this is really true. The doubts came from various daily challenges and negative experiences while living in a modern western city and society.

    Think of the atmosphere in a busy western city... It often seemed to me that the city was dominated by separateness and egoistic thinking. There was a lot of competition, tension and stress, etc. While living in such environment, the idea of a harmonious unity and interconnectedness of everything, lovingly and wisely managed by a Higher Intelligence, seemed unrealistic for me. I was confused, because the beautiful idea of oneness and the longing of it in my heart didn't seem to match the reality.

    But there came two key experiences, which showed me the oneness of all there is through myself and therefore the idea of unity became my personal experience and knowledge. It was really helpful, since before these experiences the unity of all was for me a theory from outside and not a realization through myself.

    First, the discovery of unity came through meditation. Since everyone can feel and realize the same through some meditation practice, I'll share my experience here. I remember a day, when I was meditating in my room and watching my thoughts passing by and noticing that they show up less and less. In a while I found myself in inner silence almost without thoughts. There came the feeling of emptiness, purity and I lost the sense of my body, time and space. The borders between me and the world faded away - I felt one with everything and everybody - I was at the same time me and also everybody and everything else. I sensed love, compassion and huge respect towards everything and everyone. These experiences deeply touched my heart and were life changing. I had discovered a whole new me - silent and peaceful, outside of the usual flow of thoughts and a deeper layer of reality, where I was connected to everybody and everything.

  6. But after meditation I came back to my ordinary state of consciousness and my mind was confused and started to doubt, if this experience was real - maybe it was just an illusion? There was such a contrast between the unity, love and peace, which I experienced in meditation and the daily reality of my environment, dominated by separateness-consciousness. But since I always experienced the unity, love and peace, when I was meditating, I started to look for a deeper understanding of life and reality.

    Regardless of my searches, at 2011, there came unexpected spontaneous spiritual revelations. It is important to mention these experiences, because I received essential information about the universal laws through myself. Later I found information about the universal laws in spiritual literature and since it matched my revelations, the universal laws became living truths for me. I'll try to describe the revelations here. Although it is not possible to put it in words, you can tap into these experiences by reading with your heart.

    Spontaneous spiritual revelations

    In winter of 2011 there came a unique experience to me, which deeply changed me. It came absolutely unexpected, without any spiritual practice. One morning, when I was working at my computer, I noticed myself becoming strangely sleepy. I observed that my thoughts faded away, as if my mind was being switched off. In a while I had become a silent witness and felt total Piece, Trust, Love, Purity and Sacredness. These states of consciousness were absolutely subtle and unusual, I had never experienced something like that although I had meditation experience, which I described earlier in this article. Further, in the silence there happened a clear and conscious communication with the Universal Consciousness. I knew theoretically from spiritual literature that there could be an Intelligence, which governed all of the universe. But I had never had such a personal, direct, intimate and conscious communication with the Absolute. After that direct connection, I knew that the Universal Consciousness really exists and that I am a part of it.

  7. Besides, during this meeting I felt tremendous unconditional Love from the Universal Consciousness, and I instinctively wanted to flow together with it, flow together with the whole universe with each of my cells. The Love of the Absolute was so overwhelming, beautiful, intense, and indescribable, that I just wished to melt together with it. At that moment all my previous life lost importance. The things I valued the most - like my romantic relationship, friends, my creative job and everything else that made up and filled my life to that point, became insignificant in the presence of that LOVE. All else was like a weak shadow of it. While I experienced the direct connection, it became clear to me that the main purpose of life was to discover the Truths, to serve the Absolute and to melt together with It.

    Parallel to this, there came also other information. Just very briefly, like statements, but it came like intuitive knowledge. My mind was watching the process in great surprise for the apparent fact that information can come in this way also - not from thinking or from outside (books, videos, etc.), but somehow seemingly from nowhere and through me. And during the process the mind was aware that it is a higher knowledge above its experience and "listened" with absolute respect.

    The information which came was: 1. That there exists no good or evil in the world, that there is just positive and negative. 2. That everything in the world has its significance and meaning. 3. That I shouldn't change the world, but just myself. 4. That the world is sacred and perfect. 5. That I am not better than other people who don't consciously develop spiritually. 6. That I don't need to become somebody (in a professional sense), but just need to remember who I am.

    When all this information came to me, I knew it was absolute true. I needed no evidence from no spiritual masters or scientists and the clarity of these truths was so absolute that nobody could convince me that these experiences were some kind of illusions.

    But the information and states of consciousness were so unexpected to me that when they ended and I found myself in my usual state of being, my mind was deeply shocked and confused about what had happened. I had no idea that things like this happen. I had never heard about such experiences in school, nor from my family, surroundings, the media or even spiritual literature before. I was aware that I knew nobody with similar experience and that I actually didn't dare to share mine with anybody, because without having had them personally I know that it would seem really crazy to me if someone were to tell me about their experiences of this kind. So I spent the last 7 years seeking to understand these special experiences and found many answers through the universal laws. And I decided to share my life changing discoveries through this project as a help for other souls on their path.

    Discovering oneness by yourself

    To really understand and to apply the law of Divine Oneness into life, it is necessary to feel the divine unity through yourself. If you haven't deeply realized this truth through yourself and your mind has doubts about it, there is the possibility that although this idea resonates with your heart and you kind of accept it, in challenging life situations you still act from separateness-consciousness.

    Generally, if people harm others, it happens in the state of separateness and disconnection to other living beings and the world. How can you harm somebody, if you feel oneness with it? If you feel love and unity towards your partner, friends or family, you do the best for them. If people would feel oneness not only with their closest people or with their community, city, country, but also with Earth and its kingdoms (minerals, plants, animals, spirits, etc.) and the universe, the Absolute, then all kind of violence, which happens in the world, would stop.

    For me, a deeper realization of unity came through meditation, when I experienced that my sense of self and identification with the constant flow of my thoughts, emotions and my physical body, was illusory. Meditation showed me that outside the continual chatter of my mind, in my depths I am a peaceful, pure, loving witness, connected to everybody and everything. The understanding of oneness developed also through the unexpected communication with the Absolute during my spontaneous spiritual revelations I described earlier in this article.

    The path from separateness to the realization of unity is individual, but there are universal practices, which I would recommend to discover oneness through yourself: 1) meditation; 2) prayer; 3) mindfulness in your daily life. The experiences, which come through meditation, I described above in this article. Similar deeper experience of unity can be felt also through prayer. I see it as a wonderful tool for connecting with my Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness. I know that many people in the west aren't used to pray, since they aren't sure about the existence of the Absolute and about their connection with It. It was like that with me before my spontaneous spiritual revelations, which came with a clear communication to the Absolute. But if you feel the inspiration, you can try to communicate with the Absolute. Be yourself, like when talking to your best friend, be open, simple, speak from your heart about whatever is important to you and don't try to make something out of it. Just feel and see what happens during your prayer or what kind of signs and changes come later in your life. (In connection to this topic I warmly recommend this article - Recognizing and communicating with Universal Consciousness)

  8. And regarding to mindfulness - it can be very helpful, if you learn to watch your thoughts, emotions, intentions and their influence on various happenings in your daily life. You can take a look at your day at the evening and think over, which happenings did mirror your thoughts, beliefs, wishes etc. Some examples from my life: 1) when I decided to play music, a friend gave me a gift - a bamboo flute; 2) when I planned to make my room more beautiful with succulents, a woman offered to me seedlings of her plants; 3) when I was looking for a job, I got various offers, etc. If you notice the interaction between your inner and outer world, you can step by step become aware of the interconnectedness and unity of everything.

    P.s. For further reading I warmly recommend the article "Understanding daily experiences of separateness and unity ", where I share my experience with switching from the state of separateness to unity in daily life and where I discuss some reasons of it. And I also recommend the article "Applying the law of Divine Oneness in life", where I describe my experience with applying the principles of unity in daily practical life.


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