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  1. 8 Law of Evolution

    The universal energy is in constant flow and change. And by the Law of Evolution life in the universe is always moving forward and towards constant improvement. All life forms have a natural impulse and desire to evolve and progress. Every spirit feels the urge to continually develop and the impulse to grow is always inspiring the spirit to gather new experiences and to expand its consciousness.

  2. Rhythms of development

    Nobody and nothing can stand still, either there is progress or there is regress. But progress and regress are natural stages of evolution, which happens in cycles of an upward rising spiral. One cycle or spiral consists of progress (birth, growth, maturity), which is followed by regress (decadence, death) and rebirth. After regress always comes a new cycle with progress and so one. The phase of regress (failures, crisis, collapses) makes place for new opportunities and improvement because of learned life lessons. All seemingly backward movements serve as a driving force for constant development in the interplay between progress and regress and between positive and negative forces in the world and in the life of an individual.

  3. The cycle of evolution (birth, growth, maturity, decadence, death and rebirth) can be noticed in the operation of various life forms, living beings, worlds and planes of existence - minerals, plants, animals, humans, spirits, natural phenomenon, planets, their systems, galaxies, etc. The Law of Evolution secures that new life forms, movements and phenomena always replace the old for eternal advancement. Everything what has served for development, but isn't anymore moving forward and doesn't go with the natural flow of expansion of the universe, is replaced with new phenomena for eternal advancement. 

  4. Examples how this law shows in life

    1. On the physical plane the principle shows itself in phenomena of nature:

    a) development of various plants, animals and forms of nature. 

    2. On the mental level the law is seen as development and progress in some kind of aspect or sphere:

    a) new knowledge, understanding of things, worldview, values and lifestyle replace the old ones during the life of an individual and come in general with each new generation;
    b) new inventions are made in various sciences and spheres of life (architecture, environment, technology, etc.), which improve the daily life of people and other living beings;
    c) new forms and ways of expression show up in art, music, design, literature, dance, etc.;

    3. On the spiritual plane this law is observed as eternal advancement, of which I'll talk more later in this article.

    Flowing with the Law of Evolution in daily life


    To be in alignment with the natural flow of life towards improvement, you should also always strive for development. You can do this in various ways in all kinds of spheres of life according to your own inspiration and needs. For example:

    1) physical development - you can start doing physical activities for your well being or include a new activity - doing various sports, exercises, dancing, going outdoors, etc. You can also study principles of healthy and energetically valuable nutrition, grow food, etc.;

    2) mental, emotional development - you can reevaluate and refresh your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs towards yourself, other people and various aspects of life. This can include learning to become aware of your thoughts and emotions in your daily life and understanding negative issues, releasing and healing them.

    3) creative development - you can explore your talents in various arts and crafts - music, painting, literature, design, etc. and discover whole new aspects of yourself and possibilities for expressing your spirit energy in exciting and inspiring ways;

    4) spiritual development - you can always reevaluate your knowledge, life experience and worldview by striving for deeper and subtler understanding of yourself and life. You can learn to listen to your spirit and to live according its impulses, to become present and conscious in your daily life, to study various planes of human constitution and their functioning, to meditate and to discover your Higher Self outside the identification with thoughts, emotions, body and a specific personality, etc.

    For deciding, which aspect of your life could need further development and to what to pay your attention, learn to be attentive and feel, where there is a feeling of routine or of being stuck. Which aspect of your life lacks aliveness, freshness and movement? Maybe it is your career, maybe it is a relationship with somebody or its your environment, which needs transformation...Possibly you need new dreams and goals, because you already have reached the ones you had. Take a closer look at yourself and various aspects of your life and listen to your heart, what kind of development and change is necessary for you now.

  5. Spiritual evolution


    • Reincarnation

    One of life features, which stimulates spiritual evolution is reincarnation. The yoga teachings of Yogi Ramacharaka reveal that: "(...) the real Life is really a succession of lives-of rebirths, and that our present life is merely one of a countless number of previous lives, our present self being the result of the experiences gained in our previous existences." and that: "(...) Man has always lived and always will live. That the Soul is the Real Man, and not merely an appendage or attachment to his physical body, as many seem to regard it. That the Soul may exist equally well out of the body as in it, although certain experience and knowledge may be obtained only by reason of a physical existence - hence that existence.(...)"*


    The spirit goes through thousands of lives in many life forms and phases from more simple and lower forms to always higher and developed designs. There are countless worlds and planes of existence for the beings of the universe and each life is carefully planned to give the necessary experiences for the further development of the spirit. There are no random experiences and everything has its importance on your spiritual journey.

  6. You have lived many lives in various places also on Earth, in various cultures and countries around the globe, in all ages and all races. You have learned and developed various talents and you have been doing various jobs and activities of all kinds in different spheres of life. And in each life you have gained valuable experiences and learned life lessons, which let you to grow and unfold. But towards what is evolution tending? To answer this question lets take a look at evolution and its interconnectedness with involution.

    • Involution and Evolution


    There are various smaller and greater cycles of life development in the universe. One great cycle is the creation of the universe with all various planes of existence and beings in it. The great cycle is defined by two great processes - the involution and the evolution. The involutionary process of creation is called also the “outpouring” of the divine energy, and the evolutionary period is called the “indrawing.” At the beginning of creation (involution) the Absolute expresses itself in various forms of matter and this process is characterized by a step by step lowering of vibration of matter to a point where the most grossest forms of matter and life are reached. Then the backward movement begins (evolution), the vibrations of the creations of the Absolute become more and more subtle, higher and all creations of the Absolute return back to the Source and merge with It.

  7. The hermetic teachings explain this process in more detail: "There are many planes of Being – many sub-planes of life – many degrees of existence in the universe. And all depend upon the advancement of beings in the scale, of which scale the lowest point is the grossest matter, the highest being separated only by the thinnest division from the Spirit of the All. And, upward and onward along this scale of life, everything is moving.  All are on the path, whose end is the All. All progress is a returning Home. All is upward and onward, in spite of all seemingly contradictory appearances. (...) All of this occupies æons upon æons of man's time, each æon containing countless millions of years (...)" (The Kybalion)**

    The process of involution and evolution is nicely summed up also by SaLuSa:"(...) all life follows a Divine Plan of spiritual evolution. Repeated lifetimes present us with situations that were planned before birth and that help us to grow as spiritual beings on our journey from God to God. We’ve descended into duality for our spiritual growth and experience and now ascend to begin a journey in the higher dimensions, that will see us pass through many exalted roles before finally merging again with the Source (...)."***


    • Back to the Source


    Now there goes on the process of evolution and everyone and everything that exists, is moving back to the Source, from which everything came from, to become again united with It. But please note that although you are on a spiritual journey back to the Source, you are never outside of It or separate from It. The Source energy is the substance of everything and everybody, it is flowing inside you, outside you and through you and there is an everlasting tie between you and the Creator.  

    And while everybody is on the journey to the Source, not everyone is concsious of it. But during spiritual evolution there comes an awakening process and you become more and more conscious of your true spiritual nature and step by step remember who you are. The spirit starts to feel the longing for Home and unconditional love and absolute, lasting fulfillment. It notices that the fulfillment, which the outside world offers, doesn't have a lasting effect and discovers that nothing else can give it absolute fulfillment except the unity with the Absolute. So the conscious merging with the Love of the Absolute, the service to It and to the world out of love and the wish to get to know the truths of life become some of the spirits greatest driving forces and highest interests.

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