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  1. 8.1 Law of Life Purpose

    Life is often seen just as a period of one life time between birth and death when living on the planet Earth. But death on Earth isn't an "end", it is actually a transition of the spirit to subtler realms of existence. In fact "We're not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences it's the other way around: we're spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences." (Deepak Chopra)*

    In a greater sense, life never stops, it just includes various stages of being - living on subtler planes of existence and living on more dense levels of existence like being incarnated, for example, on Earth. Life on Earth is just a part of the various experiences what a spirit can have in its journey of exploring the universe. The spirit is immortal and it chooses to experience various places and different planes of existence in the universe. 

  2. The continuous series of the cycle of birth-life-death-rebirth and the gathering of life experiences serves the greater purpose of life, which is continuous expansion of consciousness, spiritual growth and development. 

  3. To develop spiritually means to become aware, understand and express your spirit. The goal is to reveal your Higher Self, to find out that your true essence is spiritual. Everyone is here to discover this - to remember, who you truly are, to uncover your Higher Self, to find out the truths about life and at some point to become one again with the Source, where your spirit is coming from - the Universal Consciousness. 

  4. And when you have discovered your spiritual nature and Higher Self, the purpose of life is to live in alignment with it and to express your spirit energy on Earth in your own unique and harmonious ways. How do you know if you are in alignment with your Higher Self? By listening to your heart and doing what inspires, uplifts and fulfills you. By doing what gives you joy and makes you happy. This doesn't mean to avoid difficulties or hard work, in fact, if you follow your heart, it often leads you through challenges, difficulties and hardships, but it simply feels right and fuels you with energy. Following the heart always brings improvement in some aspects of your life, helps you to grow and rewards you with an increasing feeling of fulfillment and joy and gratitude of being alive.

  5. Practically this means, you can feel a pull to do something, for example, to discover and express your talents, to become somebody in a professional sense, to settle down or to go to travel or to do "nothing" for a period of time. But after you have done that, you can feel new impulses and get new inspiration of doing and experiencing something else. So don't attach yourself to expressing a specific talent, learning a profession, having a special life style or doing something concrete as your only life purpose. You are a creative process not a ready product and you are always unfolding. It may happen that after discovering your talent and expressing it in practical life, you'll discover other heart impulses and talents later in life. It is just important to always follow your heart and the flow of life and to feel that what you are doing, is in harmony with yourself.

    Remember who you are

    I wish to explain more what do I mean with "remembering, who you are" and discovering your True Self. When a spirit incarnates on Earth in a human form, it is covered with a temporary "not knowingness", which lets you to forget that essentially you are a spiritual being. In the state of not really knowing, who you are and where you are and how life functions here on Earth, people often identify themselves with their bodies or their minds and thoughts, emotions and personalities with specific gender, social status, individual characteristics, nationality, worldview, etc. and aren't aware about their True Self as immortal spirits and divine particles of the Universal Consciousness.

    Before incarnating on Earth spirits consciously choose to temporary experience the not knowingness of the "veil", since it lets you to experience aspects of duality- and separateness consciousness, which can't be felt in the spiritual realms, where spirits reside between incarnations. For the spirit, which is used to the oneness, love, joy, peace of subtler planes of existence, it is very interesting and enriching to be on Earth and experience the great contrasts of polarity and separateness consciousness, which are available here. Contrasts between the positive and the negative in life bring a lot of movement, changes and development and so create wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness.

  6. Through various life experiences in many incarnations spirits gradually "wake up" and remember that there is a deeper meaning of life and that they are something more than their bodies, minds and personalities. Actually there is a kind of "build in mechanism", which always lets the spirit to awaken. During the awakening process, the spirit starts to recognize its divine nature and to feel the underlying oneness of all living beings on Earth and in the universe. People remember their true spiritual essence and step by step switch from separateness to unity- and love-consciousness. They remember their connection with all humanity, nature and its kingdoms, Earth, the universe and reconnect to the Absolute. This leads to a meaningful, spiritual, conscious and fulfilled life in harmonious cooperation and development with all of humanity, nature and the universe.

    Recognize your gifts

    Another aspect of life purpose explains that each spirit is gifted with a special talent (or more) and a unique way of manifesting it into life and thus serving and enriching the world. You live in a universe, where the operation of daily life is based on exchange. You are in a constant dynamic exchange with everybody and everything around you. You receive your life energy from the Source, from the cosmos, the planets, stars, the sun, from air, water, earth, plants, food, etc. And you give out the received energy in various ways - through your communication with other people, through your job and different daily services to others. So giving and receiving are two aspects of the natural circulation of the universal energy and of life. And everybody has his unique talents, which he can use for exchanging energy and services with other living beings and thus securing that his personal needs and the needs of others are met.

    • How to discover your gifts?

    When you are expressing your talents in your own way, it captivates you're whole being and you don't notice time passing by. You come into a state of natural and easy flow, where you lose the feeling of yourself. It seems as if you aren't doing it at all, but that it somehow happens through you, that you are an instrument of something greater. The expression of your talent fills you with inspiration and energy (as if you had a turbo engine :)). The state is accompanied by joy and fulfillment. You feel yourself in the right place and know that you are doing the right thing. But when you do other jobs, which aren't in harmony with your heart, you'll constantly have difficulties to concentrate and will find many little excuses to prolong the job (social media, surfing on the internet, talking to somebody, going for an additional walk, etc.). Then you get tired sooner and don't feel fulfilled, even if you achieve good results.


    • Develop your talents and express them in life

    So your task is to find out what your talents are and to develop them. If you are still looking for it, listen to your heart. It always gives you true impulses and guidance, what to do. It will always show you the way to a harmonious life. Sometimes your heart is being ignored or stopped by the mind as something presumably unsafe and irrational, but in the reality the heart has the ability to see farther than the intellect can imagine. It is connected to the unified energy field and knowledge and offers you higher knowledge, that the mind can't reach. The mind should listen, follow and help to manifest the wishes of the heart. (To learn to listen to your heart and to discover your true wishes and purpose in life I warmly recommend the book "Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live" by Martha Beck.)

  7. But when you are looking for your talents and developing them in a professional sense, know, that your value as a human being doesn't depend on your occupation, professional level and career success. The sun shines equally on all and the Divine Love from the Absolute flows equally to all. Of course one should strive towards perfection and excellent knowledge and skills to be able to do a great job, but remember that the most important thing isn't to become somebody, but to discover who you are. 

    Children, teenagers and young adults are often treated as nothing special yet. It is often considered, that a persons value will become visible only with time, when he grows up and develops into somebody in a professional sense or achieves specific results according to the image of a successful person in his environment. Children are often asked : "Who will you be, who will you become?" Why don't grownups ask children : "Who are you?" Must the sacred, individualized particle of the Absolute, become a lawyer, a writer or a programmer, etc., to be valued and loved? :) There is often the pressure to become somebody to be valued and so people spend most of their energy into becoming somebody and don't invest time and attention into finding out who they actually are. So remember to stay who you are when you are trying to become somebody in a professional sense and discover your deeper Spiritual Self.


    • Follow your natural rhythm of exploring yourself

    While you are exploring your true heart impulses, developing your talents and looking for your individual way in life, remember to always listen to your heart. Choose and go the way which truly inspires you and move according to your natural rhythm of discovering yourself.


    Release the possible struggle of achieving success according to the standards of your environment, the fear of "not fitting in". Ignore the pressure of values and standards, which don't match your inner wisdom and don't feel right for you. Know that you are carried by the natural flow of energy and life in the universe and secured by the Love of the Absolute. You can feel this flow in the form of inspiration and feelings through your heart. As a spirit you are based on the Love of the Universal Consciousness and on the wisdom of harmonious universal laws and not the standards and rules of society.


    So focus on your natural, individual way of heart centered living and remember that "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."(Lao Tzu) Each spirit is unique and develops in its own rhythm similar to various flowers and plants of nature. Some flowers open up quickly, some take a long time to show their blossoms to the world. And there are no wrong flowers or plants, everyone is perfect in the diversity and wholeness of nature and in the flow of life. So are you.

    And remember that "(...) you are good enough even when not doing anything, or helping anyone, or meaning anything to anyone else. You are good as you are, because you are a part of nature. Like a tree, or a flower, or a mountain, you have a right to be, simply because you are a part of the whole. You do not have to prove yourself. An animal or a flower does not feel the need to defend itself for being, it is simply there – you are simply there. You are an expression of spirit, of oneness, and that is enough!

    Strangely, although this should be reassuring to you, it is a bit of a blow to your ego. The ego part inside you wants to be someone, wants to be useful, to make a difference. But is that what your spirit really desires of you? It is not, because your spirit is at peace with itself. Yes, it does seek expression in the outside world, it wants to share itself like a flower shares its beauty, but it does not need to prove itself or justify its existence. Just take in the realization that there is not as much to achieve in your life as you think. You can truly relax a bit more. You are a part of the whole, nothing can change that." (Mary Magdalene)**

    Serve the world and the Absolute

    A further aspect of this law has to do with service and cooperation with the Absolute and the world (humans, natures kingdoms, other living beings on subtler planes). Some may think this is a bit too far of a jump. People are used to apply their talents to meet their individual needs or the necessities of their families, closest people, maybe community, city, country or a greater geographical region. But the whole of humanity and other living beings? If you don't feel the connection with humanity or other living beings in your heart, you don't feel the call to serve them.

    But actually the functioning of your daily life is based on the exchange of energy, ideas, resources, products, services, etc. with all of humanity, natures kingdoms and beings on subtler spiritual planes and people usually wish to enjoy all the good stuff and experience they can from all over the world...When you think about this more, you'll see that it is natural to serve not only your dearest people and community or country, but the whole world.

    • How can you help?

    If you understand the Law of Divine Oneness and feel the connection to the Absolute, humanity and other living beings, you can consciously find a way your talents can meet the needs of the world. To discover that way, ask yourself, how you can be useful? What is the best way you can serve? Don't think about the possible rewards. Listen to your heart and feel how you could serve others. Take time to be in silence and peace and think about it. Feel the true impulses from your heart and dare to become aware of them.

    There is another question, which can also help you to recognize the job you want to do. Imagine that you had all the money, time and possibilities to do what you wanted in life and notice the answers. If the answer is "I don't know," you probably aren't honest to yourself and don't dare to reveal your true wishes. Try it, until you get more concrete answers. 

    And if everyone listen's to his heart, the needs of the world will be met, because everybody receives impulses from the Absolute - the higher Intelligence, which governs all life in the universe. Some people receive the impulse to grow food and take care of nature, others feel the inspiration to develop modern eco-technologies and others again feel the call to create wonderful music and uplift the spirits of people. So listen to your inner calling and do your job and be in the place, in which your heart shines.

    To sum up the main aspects of this law: discover your Higher Self, grow spiritually, reconnect to the Absolute, find your unique talents, serve the Absolute and the world with them, and you will see how your life becomes filled with inspiration, meaning, joy, love and harmony.

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