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  1. 9 Principle of Love

    Love and Divine Love

    Love varies in shades, grades and forms. There is love between friends, family members, mother and child, lovers and other kinds. These forms of love are mostly known to people. For many the love between lovers is the highest value in their lives. People are naturally attracted to that, what they know as the most beautiful in life. But there is love higher than all of those mentioned above - Divine Love. It is unconditional and pure Love. It is the Absolute itself - the highest energy in the cosmos. Each of us has a spark of this energy - pure consciousness and Love - in the form of the Higher Self. 

  2. Unconditional Love is different to sentimental love. Sentimental love arises as beautiful emotions, when another person gives you the feeling of wholeness. The lover often has qualities, abilities, skills or energy, which you lack, haven't developed enough or have lost. As a result, when you both are together, you experience an illusory wholeness for some time. But essentially no one else or nothing can make you complete or happy forever and must not. You are already love and don't need to search for it outside. Love and bliss is your true nature. You just need to become aware of it and reconnect with your Higher Self and the Absolute. 

    The average human at this time experiences and feels the Love of his true essence, the unconditional Love of the Absolute only partially. What you don't feel directly, you tend not to believe. But the universal truths exist irrespective of  whether you are aware of them. And one of them is this: "The Absolute - is here with you always; here around you; here in you. Closer than a brother is He - closer than a mother to her babe - closer than a lover to the loved one - nearer to You than is your heart; your blood; your brain. The Spirit is always with you. And this is true of the humblest; the lowliest; the vilest - as truly as of the most exalted; the highest; the purest. The difference is only in the degree of recognition of the Spirit on the part of the man." (Yogi Ramacharaka)*

    Many people don't recognize the Absolute in them selves, because they are conditioned by the society to live without deeper understanding of human being and life. There are many layers with false perception and information about life in people's minds, which disturb or block the connection with the Absolute. But everyone can feel this Love and experience connection with the Absolute, there is an everlasting tie between the Absolute and his creations.

    To reconnect with the the Absolute, open up your mind. Discover the truths about life, study the universal laws and principles and clear your mind of mental blockages and false perceptions. Then the Love, which is inside, will naturally flow and you will feel it. You don't need to cause Love, because that's what you essentially are, just let it flow.

    It is important also to open up the heart - to clear blockages of negative energy. Emotional blockages, which arise from anger, doubts, fear, etc. close the heart and disallow to experience and share Love fully. They block the flow of Love energy from the Absolute to you. It is similar to life in darkness, without the sun.

  3. "The very essence of our being is Love and our ultimate goal is to attain Divine Love and live it – again. We say "again", because Divine Love is intrinsically part of the human heart. It gives without limit, questions or hesitation, to everyone (...)"(Sri Swami Vishwananda)**. The master explains also that Divine Love is much deeper than any feelings or anything else you can experience. But if you feel and express Divine Love through yourself, you enjoy happiness, peace, wisdom and absolute fearlessness and freedom of self imagined limitations. Divine Love isn't bound to any concrete person or thing, but includes everybody and everything. It is everlasting and is absolute true and real. And as Sri Swami Vishwananda notes - such beauty and perfection can't be grasped with the mind, it can be understood only with the heart.

    Inner emptiness, pain and longing for love

    The heart is naturally searching for Divine Love. There is a deep, continual, painful longing and emptiness in the hearts of humans. People are trying to calm it with all kinds of beautiful experiences life can offer, be it an interesting job, a romantic relationship, oneness of family or material pleasures. But the longing doesn't disappear. No matter how good it get's, no matter what success and fulfillment you experience, it doesn't last forever. You reach goal after goal, realize dream after dream, but with time the longing shows up again. The truth is that it can only be relieved through unity with the Absolute and a heart fulfilled with Its Love.

    Margaret Paul, Ph.D. has described this topic nicely: "Most people who feel empty have no idea what is supposed to be in that empty space. (...) They might believe they are empty because they don’t have a relationship, or their relationship isn’t loving or connected, or they don’t have enough sex or enough money or enough things. (...) I’ve worked with people who have everything they believed would fill them up and they still feel empty. They seek my help because they are suffering and they don’t know what to do about it. (...)

    Inner emptiness does not come from a lack of something external — not even a lack of being loved by someone else. It comes from a lack of one thing only: a lack of awareness of the love that is the energy we live in. You can call this love God or spirit or light or whatever else you want. The fact is, we live in a universe of love, and unless you know how to open yourself to that love — to feel it within your heart and soul — you will feel empty inside. Once you know how to embrace the love within, then you not only feel full inside, but you know that you are not alone in the universe — that love is always here for you. And once you experience yourself full to overflowing with love, you will have love to share with others. You no longer need to try so hard to get love from others. You are no longer empty and needy for something external to fill your emptiness and make you feel okay." ***

  4. P.s. To understand more deeply the natural longing of the human heart, the urge for spiritual search and Divine Love, I warmly invite you to read the booklet "Come Into The Light and Stay In The Light" by Kalindi La Gourasana. She has described the topic beautifully and gives many important answers for those, who are familiar with inner emptiness, pain and spiritual longing. It is available here. 

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    Personal experience with Divine Love

    I wish to add a story from my personal experience about Divine Love for the purpose of possibly clarifying some aspects of it and making them easier to grasp.

    In the winter of 2011 there came a unique experience to me, which deeply changed my life. It came just like that, with no conscious spiritual practice, absolutely unexpected. One day when I was working at my computer, I noticed myself becoming very peaceful and almost sleepy. I naturally came into similar states I knew from meditation, but this time a lot deeper and stronger. I sat down and watched what happened. The thoughts faded away and somehow also my personality, as if it was being switched off. There was left only the witness - me - and total Piece, Trust, Love, Purity, Sacredness and Silence. And in this silence I met the Absolute. It was a real, consciously felt and experienced meeting with the Universal Consciousness. I knew theoretically from spiritual books that there should be an Intelligence, which governed all of the universe. Besides I had meditation experiences, in which I went beyond the borders of my mind, body, personality and identification with them and discovered "another reality" of unity of all there is, absolute love and peace, with no limitations of space and time. But I never had such a personal, direct, intimate and conscious meeting with the Absolute. Now I knew that the Universal Consciousness really exists and that I am a part of it, because now this was my own experience.

    In this meeting I felt such tremendous Love, that I instinctively wanted to flow together with it, flow together with the whole universe with each of my cells. I had never experienced such Love before. The Love of the Absolute was so overwhelming, beautiful, intense, and indescribable, that I just wished to melt together with it. At that moment all my previous life lost importance. The things I valued the most - like my love relationship, friends, my creative job and everything, everything else that made up and filled my life up to that point, became insignificant in the presence of that Love. All else was like a weak shadow of it. While I experienced the direct connection, it became clear to me that the main purpose of life was to discover the Truths, to serve the Absolute and to melt together with It.

    Parallel to this, there also came other information. Just very briefly, like statements, but it came like intuitive knowledge, not out of my mind. My intellect was watching the process in great surprise and respect for the apparent fact that information can come in this way also - not from thinking or from the outside (books, videos, etc.), but somehow seemingly from nowhere and through me. 

    The information which came was: 1. That there exists no good or evil in the world, that there is just positive and negative. 2. That everything in the world has its significance and meaning. 3. That I shouldn't change the world, but just myself. 4. That the world is sacred and perfect. 5. That I am not better than other people who don't consciously develop spiritually. 6. That I don't need to become somebody (in a professional sense), but just need to remember who I am.

    All this information and states of consciousness were so unexpected and unknown to me that when they ended and I found myself in my usual state of being, my personality was deeply shocked and confused about what had happened. I never thought that something like this could happen. I had never heard about such experiences in school, nor from my family, surroundings, the media or even spiritual literature before. I was aware that I knew nobody with similar experience and that I actually didn't dare to share mine with anybody, because without having had them personally I know that it would seem really crazy to me if someone were to tell me about their experiences of this kind. So I spent the last 7 years seeking to better understand that special event and found many answers, which I decided to share through this project as a help for other spirits on their path.

    After that winter I regulary experience similar states of consciousness and in these states as well as in daily consciousness I feel the connection with the Absolute and love, peace, sacredness, inspiration, amazement, support, being in flow and being guided through my life journey.

    I hope that this small description about meeting the Absolute and experiencing Divine Love will help you on your spiritual journey. I know it is truth - there exists the Universal Consciousness and everyone is part of it. But that is something that needs to be experienced personally to be really understood and integrated in life. I wish you to experience this truth by yourself! And you don't need to wait for such strong, deep experiences. You can consciously experience the connection with the Absolute if you learn to listen to your heart, to meditate and/or truly pray.

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