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  1. 3 Law of Mentalism and Consciousness

    To grasp the Law of Mentalism, let's remember the Law of Divine Oneness. This law made clear that everything that exists, seen and unseen, emanates from one source of intelligent energy. Nothing exists outside of this Source. This Source is endless in terms of time, space and force. Some call this source God, Absolute or the Universal Consciousness.

    The Law of Mentalism explains further that the Universal Consciousness creates universes and all phenomena in them by "thinking" them into existence. This law reveals that all matter originates from the spiritual plane and then manifests into the physical plane. 

    To understand this better, one has to grasp the connection between matter, mind and consciousness. Let's first look at what modern physics tells us about matter. One of the basic laws of modern physics is the law of energy. This law states that everything is energy. Everything that seems to be solid, actually consists of small energy particles, which are constantly moving at specific frequencies. Your body, phone, house, trees in the park - everything is made up of energy. All phenomena that exist in our universe, whether seen or unseen, in their most simple form are made up of vibrating energy or light. Different vibratory frequencies, patterns, densities and complexity manifest as different forms of matter, but essentially the energy is the same. The various forms of energy are always transforming. New shapes are being built, developed, discarded and rebuilt in other forms - the universal energy is in constant motion and change.

  2. All forms are connected with each other in a unifying field of energy. In this field everybody and everything is connected and is interacting directly or indirectly. Today many modern scientists agree to the statements of various ancient philosophies and spiritual traditions: there exists an intelligent higher force that pervades all space and time - the Universal Consciousness. Everybody and everything is part of this Universal Consciousness - particles of the Source itself. Each one of us, each individual point of consciousness, is like a drop in an infinite, eternal ocean - the Universal Consciousness.

  3. Consciousness manifesting as matter

    The Universal Consciousness expresses itself in various forms of matter. The tradition of yoga explains that less dense forms of matter shade into grosser forms of matter. The Absolute (Universal Consciousness) manifests as mind substance, which melts into a denser form - energy, which flows into even grosser form - matter.

    The 3 manifestations can be noticed by their forms of outward expression, although, because of the limited perception of the average human senses, this is just partially possible. For example, subtler forms of matter can't be noticed by average human senses and are perceived only when its particles take the form of solids, liquids or gases. Similarly energy is sensed only when it operates through matter as force or motion. And the mind becomes evident through thoughts and thought-force.


    Matter is used for manifestations of mind (mind needs a form of matter to express itself at all) and for certain operations of energy. Mind is the finest form through which the Absolute manifests itself and mind further expresses itself with the help of energy and matter. All 3 principles are interconnected and shading into one another and as Yogi Ramacharaka writes: "We should avoid the folly of the physical scientists who make of Matter a God; and the twin folly of many metaphysicians and idealists, who would make of Matter a base thing, a Devil or even "Nothing."*

  4. So matter basically is consciousness and everything contains mind-substance and awareness not only from a metaphysical or mystic point of view, but in reality. "The Universe is a great big vibrating, thinking thing, from atom to sun, although its "thinking" may vary from the faintest form of mere sensation or feeling (even chemical attraction and repulsion being a form of sensation) up to the highest form of mental effort known to man or beings much higher than man.

    (...) We would also have you remember that there is no such thing as "dead" matter, for all the Universe is alive. And every particle of Matter contains Energy and Mind-substance. (...)

    (...) There can be no sensation without some bit of Mind-substance to accept it. Just as there can be no sensation unless there is something to "cause" it - so there can be no sensation unless there is something to "receive" it - and that receiving-thing is Mind-substance in some degree, or form. Simple Consciousness and Self-Consciousness are higher forms of "awareness" than Sensation, but the difference is only in the degree, not in kind. The Sensation of the most undeveloped form of life differs only in degree from the highest form of consciousness of mental effort on the part of Man, or even beings much higher in the scale than Man." (Yogi Ramacharaka)*

    Applying the Law of Mentalism and Consciousness

    This law showed us that the universe and all phenomena are basically creations of the Universal Consciousness and that everything includes mind-substance and therefore is mental in nature (and in essence consciousness). The same principle of mentalism applies to your life. Because every human is a divine spark from the Creator and is a constant creator himself. Your own life and external world is shaped through your own heart and mind similar how the universe is shaped through the Absolute. So your reality and the outer world are formed by your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, imaginations, emotions and feelings.

    Your thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs are real "things" and powerful waves of energy. Our individual minds are all connected through and within the Universal Mind.** All personal thoughts, emotions and activities are sent into the universal field of energy and directly or indirectly influence everybody and everything. By thinking and feeling we are sending out these powerful vibrations, literally creating our lives and contributing to the co-creation of life in the universe. We all are natural born creators, who are constantly creating our reality, either consciously or unconsciously. It is up to you and each individual, what kind of world we choose to create and live in.

    ** with "the Universal Mind" we mean the sum-total of the emanations of the Absolute, but not the Absolute itself. 

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