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  1. 3 Law of Mentalism and Consciousness

    The Law of Mentalism is closely connected to the Law of Divine Oneness - so let's remember it. The Law of Divine Oneness reveals that everything that exists, seen and unseen, emanates from one source. This source is endless in terms of time, space and force. Some call this source Absolute or the Universal Consciousness. It can be thought of as an unified field of intelligent energy, that is the source and substance of everything.

    The energy of Universal Consciousness flows and forms everything in the universe - all living beings, phenomena and matter on many planes of existence, which differ in density. Less dense forms of matter shade into grosser forms of matter, until it can be perceived with instruments of modern science or with physical human senses.

  2. To understand this better, it is helpful to look at what physics tells about matter. One of the basic laws of physics is the Law of Energy. This law states that everything is energy. Everything that seems to be solid, actually consists of small energy particles, which are constantly moving at specific frequencies. Your body, phone, house, trees in the park - everything is made up of energy. All phenomena that exist in the universe, whether seen or unseen, in their most simple form are made up of vibrating energy or light. Different vibratory frequencies, patterns, densities and complexity manifest as different forms of matter, but essentially the energy is the same. The various forms of energy are always transforming. New shapes are being built, developed, discarded and rebuilt in other forms - the universal energy is in constant motion and change. All forms are connected with each other in an unified field of energy. In this field everybody and everything is connected and is interacting directly or indirectly.

  3. To sum it up:

    • everything seen and unseen is basically energy in various forms and density;
    • everything comes from one source;
    • the source of everything is intelligent energy, which is also the substance of everything - the Universal Consciousness and it can be thought of as unified intelligent energy field;
    • all matter is basically an expression of consciousness in various forms and everything contains awareness not only from a metaphysical or mystic point of view, but in reality;
    • since the substance of everything is consciousness, everything is alive and contains awareness in various degrees (from simple to high developed consciousness, for example, a stone or more developed consciousness of a human, etc.).

    Yogi Ramacharaka* explains more: "The Universe is a great big vibrating, thinking thing, from atom to sun, although its "thinking" may vary from the faintest form of mere sensation or feeling (even chemical attraction and repulsion being a form of sensation) up to the highest form of mental effort known to man or beings much higher than man.

    (...) We would also have you remember that there is no such thing as "dead" matter, for all the Universe is alive. And every particle of Matter contains Energy and Mind-substance. (...) There can be no sensation without some bit of Mind-substance to accept it. Just as there can be no sensation unless there is something to "cause" it - so there can be no sensation unless there is something to "receive" it - and that receiving-thing is Mind-substance in some degree, or form. Simple Consciousness and Self-Consciousness are higher forms of "awareness" than Sensation, but the difference is only in the degree, not in kind. The Sensation of the most undeveloped form of life differs only in degree from the highest form of consciousness of mental effort on the part of Man, or even beings much higher in the scale than Man."


    The Law of Mentalism

    After this introduction let's move on to the Law of Mentalism. With the understanding that everything is alive, aware and part of an intelligent unified energy field, it is easier to grasp the Law of Mentalism. This law states that "The All is mind; The Universe is Mental."(The Kybalion.)** It explains that The All is the source and substance of everything and that the universe and all it contains is a mental creation of the All. Although the All is unknowable and undefinable, it may be contemplated as an universal, infinite, living mind, in which "we live and move and have our being."

    You are a constant creator

    The Law of Mentalism shows that the universe and all phenomena are basically creations of the Universal Consciousness and that everything includes awareness.

    How does the principle of mentalism apply to your life? Since every human has a divine spark from the Creator - the Higher Self - every human is also a constant creator. Your own life and external world is shaped through your own heart and mind similar how the universe is shaped through the Universal Consciousness. Your reality - the inner and outer world are formed by your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, emotions and feelings.

  4. Your thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs are real "things" and powerful waves of energy. You usually don't see these waves of energy, because of natural limitations of physical human senses, which allow you to perceive just a small part of the reality of the universe. For example, physical human vision can perceive less than 1% of the energy of the universe. Basically, you don't perceive various forms of energy and phenomena or information, which fall outside the scale of perception of physical human senses like wireless internet, a sms or radio waves, small energy particles like atoms, etc. It is the same with your thoughts and emotions - you don't see them because of limitations of physical sight. Therefore many people assume that their thoughts and emotions are a kind of "nothing" and that they belong just to their separate individual mind space.

    But your thoughts and emotions are energy, all of you are energy and everything around you is energy and you are connected with everything and everybody else through the unified energy field. All personal thoughts, emotions and activities are sent into the unified field of energy and directly or indirectly influence everybody and everything. By thinking and feeling you are sending out these powerful vibrations, literally creating your life and contributing to the co-creation of life in the universe. You are a natural born creator, who is constantly creating the reality, either consciously or unconsciously.

  5. The mind functions like a magnet


    Various researches show that depending from the individual and his activities, a human has anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Since you are thinking or feeling almost constantly, you generate a huge amount of energy, which attracts to you people, events, circumstances, etc. according to your thoughts and feelings. Your mind and heart function like magnets and attract whatever corresponds to your ruling mood. Whatever you think about, imagine and expect to happen, is attracted as corresponding situations and experiences in your life.


    Raymond Holliwell compares the ideas and desires with seeds, which are planted in the soil of mind. After the planting, cultivation and nurturing process you reap what you have sown. He explains :"The mind force is creating continually like fertile soil. Nature does not differentiate between the seed of a weed and that of a flower. She produces and causes both seeds to grow."*** It is the same with the mind - it just creates and manifests either positive or negative events and circumstances according to your thoughts.

  6. Creating your life consciously


    Since your mind and heart materialize into visible form everything - positive or negative thoughts and feelings, it is essential to be aware of what you are thinking and feeling and learn to create your life consciously. Average people think mostly automatically, without paying attention to the content and quality of their thoughts or feelings. But if you become aware of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions and manage them, you can consciously create your life how you want it to be instead of letting things happen to you. Therefore practicing daily awareness of what you are thinking, feeling, speaking and doing is the key to a harmonious life.


    Working with your thoughts

    First it is good to just observe your thoughts and the character of them. But don't value your negative thoughts as bad and don't freak out that because of them you're going to attract something negative. Just notice - "I had a positive thought" or "I had a negative thought". When you are able to notice your thoughts and emotions, you can choose what to do with them and use their energy for your benefit. It is like taking care of a garden. You walk through the garden and look around and notice, where do you need to work and how much. There are flowers which are beautifully growing and you can water them, so they grow even better. There are small sprouts, which need more attention and care and maybe there are weeds, which need to be taken out, but which can be used for compost. Practically this means that you are always scanning your thoughts and emotions and strengthen the positive ones and let go or transform the negative ones.

    No matter what you are doing, strive to be aware of your thoughts and feelings - while you are going somewhere, working, eating, dancing, interacting with somebody, etc. And if you notice something negative (stress, fear, resistance, anger, etc.), stop for a moment or longer and find out the reasons for the negativity. Then change your attitude and proceed your activities in a better or, if naturally possible, positive mood. For example, if you are impatient, while waiting in a store to pay for your goods, you can instead appreciate the opportunity to by what you need and to send gratitude to all people, who were involved in the process before this product came to the shop.

    It is for your own good to be in the now, to be aware of what is happening, to be in acceptance, to be in love with what you are doing and to do it willingly and with purpose. Alan Watts expresses it beautifully: “For there is never anything but the present, and if one cannot live there, one cannot live anywhere.” So it doesn't matter if it is a little job like washing the floor or a "more important" job like communicating with your clients at work, if you are in an aware and positive state of mind, you'll attract positive experiences because of the dominant positive state of your energy. 

    However, your positivity should come naturally through a real understanding why you are doing something and what good it brings to you and others. Suppressed negativity and artificial positivity by just "positive thinking" can't bring good results. Be absolutely authentic about your true thoughts and feelings and find the goodness in every challenge through reasoning and listening to your heart. Then you can accept and do things willingly or understand what needs to be changed and be naturally positive. 

    Responsible creating 

    While you are consciously creating your life by using the energy of your thoughts and emotions, it is essential to remember the Law of Divine Oneness and to create in harmony with all living beings and the Absolute. Seek to be in a harmonious flow with your heart and all life and to adjust your desires with the higher plans of the Absolute.

    P.S. For a harmonious creation of your life, it is also necessary to unite the power of thoughts and emotions, feelings. Therefore I recommend to you to check out these articles about successful applying of the Law of Attraction: article 1 and article 2.

    P.P.S. Working with thoughts and emotions is a science of its own. I warmly recommend to you to dive into further studies and to check out, for example, these books: Working With The Law, Raymond Holliwell, Paperback, 2005 and Mind Power, The Secret of Mental Magic, William Walker Atkinson, 1912.

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