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  1. 5 Law of Polarity

    Opposites are part of the whole

    Everything in this world appears to have two poles - the positive and the negative. For example, yes and no, light and darkness, peace and war etc. In everything there are opposites, but they complement each other and are part of the whole. The opposites are actually the two uttermost manifestations of the same thing. They are of the same substance but in a different form or density of a vibrational level, with many varying degrees between them. 

  2. For example, light and darkness: they seem to be different things, yet they are one. People often assume that light is only what is perceived through vision. Yet the average human at our time sees less than 1 % of the range of rays from the energy of the universe - between the red and violet electromagnetic waves. But there are many degrees and different kinds of light - visible and invisible. All is light. The vibrations of the Absolute Light are present also in the seemingly dark space. There is no such thing as real darkness.


    The same to positive and negative. There is something like a scale or gradient between each pair of poles - from the starting point until the utmost development point, where development happens. Naturally, if these two points are placed together, the difference is so big that they appear to be opposites. Likewise, heat and cold or black and white, or noise and silence although appearing as opposites, are actually degrees of the same thing.


    Similarly, the Absolute and matter are the two extremes of the same substance, the intermediate planes varying in degrees of vibration. Accordingly the infinite Universal Mind and finite individual human minds are the two opposites of one thing.

  3. Transmutation between opposites

    The same law works on the mental plane. For example, love and hate - two seemingly contrasting states. But you can notice degrees of hate and love which pass into each other almost unnoticed - so that you become confused whether you like or dislike or neither.

    Because the opposite poles are of the same essence, just with different vibrational frequencies, it is possible to convert them into one another. The transmutation is achieved by changing the degree of the same thing, not by modification of one thing into another absolutely different thing. Knowledge of this principle allows (with appropriate study, time and practice) to control his mental states by consciously raising or lowering his vibrations through will power. For example, hate and love or fear and courage can be transformed into each other mutually.

  4. Rising above the Law of Polarity

    The Law of Polarity is a temporary mutable law above which you can and should rise. This law operates only in the physical and mental plane, not in the spiritual plane where All is One. The Absolute is above the opposites - it is unity - and everyone has a particle of the divine wholeness - the Higher Self.

    For rising above the Law of Polarity I recommend to become aware of your emotions and thoughts in daily life and to learn to understand them and to consciously work with negative emotions and thoughts. It is possible to raise your vibrations from negative ones to positive ones through understanding the true reasons for the negativity you experience and by transforming your emotions and thoughts with your will. (I warmly recommend to read more about this topic in the article 8.2 Principle of Challenge and Negativity, since here I'll mention just the general aspects of understanding and working with negativity.)


    The negative, what you experience in your life - difficultness, problems, failures - are tools for your spiritual growth and are meant to give you more wisdom, awareness and experience. The negative events and circumstances contain the seeds of success and your successes include the possibility of failure. Although a situation may appear negative to you, remember that the universe is always arranging the best setting for your spiritual growth.


    You can consciously rise above the Law of Polarity by always focusing and finding the positive in the negative. By that the Law of Polarity will be neutralized. The recognition of the positive happens not by ignoring, denying or excusing negative, but by understanding it deeply. Through your own reasoning process you can discover the real motive behind everything, and then you will always find something positive. There are always necessary life lessons in negative events, which can bring positive changes and results in your life. 

  5. Rising above duality consciousness


    • Characteristics of duality consciousness

    Another aspect, which has to do with rising above the Law of Polarity, is connected to switching from the duality consciousness to oneness consciousness. Duality consciousness is also called the ego- or separateness-consciousness and it is characterized by dividing everything and everyone into good or bad (friends and enemies, valuable and worthless, beautiful and ugly, etc.). Duality consciousness separates and labels everything and everyone and doesn't recognize the oneness and interconnectedness of all there is. This type of consciousness is wrapped in the illusion that everyone is a separate being, working hard for his own survival and individual happiness. Consequently it is followed by a great sense of loneliness and fear about existence and often doubts about the possibilities of living a happy and meaningful life.

    Duality consciousness is still dominant in the world, although things are changing. When you incarnated on Earth, you naturally got covered by its illusions and came into a temporary state of forgetting your true spiritual nature. But during your life path you meet various people, situations, circumstances and events, which give you the opportunity to remember who you really are - an immortal spirit, a particle from the Divine Source. Various positive and negative life events serve to awaken you and to expand your consciousness.

    Although many people are under the illusions of duality consciousness, everyone carries the sparkle from the Universal Consciousness and therefore more or less remembers his divine nature and is intuitively driven to experience love, joy, happiness, safety and unity, which are characteristics of everyones spiritual essence and Home - the subtle reality planes, where the spirit resides, when it isn't incarnated.

    But by consciously step by step shifting from duality to unity consciousness, you can create a place of love, joy, happiness, safety and unity also here on Earth. It is absolutely possible, if you make this choice in your heart and follow inspired action to make this dream happen.   


    • Realizing oneness of all there is through yourself

    To be able to step out of the duality consciousness and to stay grounded in the unity consciousness in the challenges of daily life, it is very helpful to develop daily spiritual practice of coming into inner silence through meditation and communicating with your Higher Self and the Absolute. Meditation lets you to feel that the ultimate reality unifies and links everything and everybody and helps to live and act from unity consciousness in the fragmented and polarized physical reality.

    The reason for the fragmented perception is that you experience only details of the universal wholeness at a time. If you would feel all of it at once, you would discover the nonduality of all that exists. But you can notice the unity also through meditation or deep prayer. When you explore higher levels of consciousness in meditation and rise above the plane of the ordinary mind, you notice that the differences between everything lose their importance and the polarity and duality of phenomena fade away. You can actually feel that your sense of identification with your thoughts, emotions, personality and your body is illusionary since you feel no borders, no separation with other people and phenomena anymore. In the higher states of consciousness your feeling of self goes beyond your body and includes everything - nature, other people, things around you no matter of time and space. When this happens, you realize the oneness and non-duality of all there is through yourself.

  6. The opposites, which you experience on lower planes of being, are simply different aspects of the one universal source. You experience the expressions of duality like you have to touch both sides of the coin. Or if we compare life to a play, there have to be the positive and negative roles and happenings otherwise it would be a static, boring story. All manifestation is a mysterious play between opposite energies, between the positive and the negative. Otherwise there would be no movement, no development, no evolution. Would courage arise, if there wouldn't be fearful situations? Would compassion be felt, if there was no suffering? Would the stars be seen, if there was no darkness...? You wouldn't notice the positive without the contrast of negative. You need to experience sadness to appreciate joy, to experience darkness to be glad about the light and you need to experience failure to know success.

    Realize that the negative or the dark isn't the antithesis of the positive or the light. The meaning and function of the negative is to serve as a driving force for change, development and evolution. 

  7. Dark and light, positive and negative are natural opposites; they exist because of one another. There is often the illusion that the Light needs to fight the Dark. Many people who start to awaken to the unity consciousness fight against poverty, drugs, pollution, etc., but partly act from the darkness (deep negativity and trauma) in themselves (anger, pain, fear, etc.).

    While it is absolutely necessary to create new, practical and conscious, spiritual ways of living, it should be done by cultivating alternative initiatives and from an inner space of deep understanding how life actually functions. Instead of fighting against the Dark, strive for Light in whatever you do. Try to act from love and unity-consciousness in every step you take. Develop spiritually, heal your heart from the Dark (pain, anger, fear etc.), spread the Light and Love of your spirit and serve the Absolute and the world according to your talents and heart inspiration. "The true purpose of your journey is not to have Light conquer Dark, but to go beyond these opposites and to create a new type of consciousness which can maintain unity in the presence of both light and dark. (...) a type of consciousness which embraces both polarities through the energies of love and understanding." (Jeshua)* 

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