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  1. 6 Law of Rhythm 

    Everything flows in the rhythms of nature


    The Law of Rhythm explains that everything in the universe happens in certain rhythms. These rhythms are seen in all life processes in various worlds and planes of existence as cycles, periods of development and patterns. There can be noticed various rhythms and cycles in the principles of operation of minerals, plants, animals, humans, spirits, natural phenomenon, planets, their systems, galaxies, etc. The principle of Rhythm is recognized also in the expressions of various forces, energy and the subtler mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

    "Everything in existence is involved in a rhythmic dance... Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall. There is always an action and reaction; an advance and a retreat; a rising and a sinking; manifested in all phenomena of the universe. (...) Everything follows the cycle of birth, growth, maturity, decadence, death and rebirth." (The Kybalion*)

    For example:
    1) the natural cycles of development of plants and animals according to the seasons;
    2) the life cycle of a human;
    3) the cycles of progress and regress of places (cities, countries), nations, governments;
    4) the emergence and dissapearance of social, political, economical, environmental, lifestyle, culture, spiritual movements, fashions, trends and organizations;
    5) the outpouring (involution) and the indrawing (evolution) to the Absolute of universes, all worlds, things of shape and form, living beings.

  2. The Law of Compensation

    Together with the Law of Rhythm works the Law of Compensation. It shows in the pendulum-like motion - the swing backward and forward between every pair of opposites or poles established by the Law of Polarity. The Law of Compensation guarantees that the swing in one direction is equal to the swing in the opposite direction. It ensures balance, although it may take several days/weeks/months or even years and other lives to compensate the swinging process between the opposite poles.

    We can notice many examples of this law on various planes of existence. For example:

    1) the physical plane - the rhythmic swinging of swings, tides and ebbs, day and night, winter and summer;
    2) the emotional plane - days with positive, light emotions and mood contrary to days with sad, angry feelings and mood;
    3) the mental plane - periods with positive, inspiring thoughts and periods with depressing, negative thoughts;

    The Law of Compensation reveals itself  in many forms and always strives for balance between the positive and negative poles. There are periods with high and active energy and much work, a lot of communication (a lot of calls, e-mails) and peaceful times with little activity. There come days, where you are social and wish to go out and there are days, when you feel like spending time on your own. It happens that something breaks or you have other unexpected expenses, but it is compensated by the help of your friends or other people or maybe through a premium you receive at work. Or when something or somebody leaves your life - you lose your job or a dear person, new possibilities and people come into your life.

    The Law of Compensation can be seen also in the balance of anything that someone possesses or lacks. Generally, everything has its pleasant and unpleasant aspects. Some people enjoy a life of active self realization, a career and material wealth, but lack time and energy for being with themselves or their friends and family. Others have much time for being with themselves, with the people they want to be with, for doing what inspires them, but lack material wealth and live a very simple lifestyle.


    There is always balance in life, but you don't need to be afraid that after a pleasant experience you will have to “pay up for it”.  The positive comes as the rhythmic swing of previous negative experiences either in this or in other lives. And there is also no need to be fearful of possible negative events, because they serve as lessons for your spiritual development and are always given according to your potential to pass them. (Concerning this I recommend to read the Principle of Challenge and Negativity.)

  3. Applying the Law of Rhythm in daily life

    When you understand the prinicples of operation of this law, you can accept more easily the "ups" and "downs" of your personal life and you can harmoniously adjust your activities to the natural rhythms of life. You can meet the challenges and negative periods with a calm mind, because you know that they will pass and because they carry necessary lessons for you and because they will be compensated by positive times. This refers to all aspects of life - work, various relationships, health, wealth, personal growth, realization of goals and dreams, etc.


    Are you going forward or backward?


    To flow harmoniously with the cycles of this law, you should learn to recognize, in which phase you find yourself at the moment. Do you notice increased energy, inspiration, new opportunities and other signs of progress or do you feel it is a more peaceful time for inner reflection, making of plans, making things better and gradual solving of challenges and obstacles?


    To transcend the law, you have to watch and feel where you are at the moment. Are you going forward or backward? And how far are you in the forward or backward movement? This is important to notice, because the law works in a similar way to the waves of the ocean. There are big waves and there are smaller waves. The smaller waves are part of the bigger ones, but all of them follow the same rhythm with the forward and backward movements. Equally, there is a high-point and a low-point, when the positive and negative opposites manifest the most strongly.


    When you learn to notice the beginning of the upward or downward movement, you can take advantage of the natural operation of the Law of Rhythm. When you notice that the law is carrying you backward, stay peaceful and stick to your goals. No matter, how far backwards you may go, after some time the Law of Rhythm will surely begin its forward and ascending movement. When the Law of Rhythm begins its backward movement, keep on going, what you have been doing, but you probably shouldn't start anything new. This often appears to end up in failure. It makes more sense to wait for the upward movement and to initiate something new at that point, than to waste energy by fighting the backward movement. And when you find yourself being swept up by the forward movement, use it fully and take every possible advantage of the positive side of the law. Then you can peacefully meet the backward movement again, which will naturally follow.

  4. Rising above the Law of Rhythm


    The Law of Rhythm is a transitory law which you can overcome. You can escape its effects by understanding, how the principle works and by consciously applying your will. Although the law can't be "switched off", your will is superior to the manifestations of this principle. The more you use the positive and negative swinging of the law consciously, the more advantage you can gain from the forward swings and the more easily you can go through periods of backward movement. You can learn to neutralize the negative effects of the backward movements by consciously discovering the positive in the seemingly negative events and thus staying on the positive and forward wave.


    In daily life this law expresses itself on the mental plane as opposite moods, feelings, emotions and thoughts. There are days, when you feel enthusiastic and periods of time, when you are depressed. There are moments, when you experience courage and occasions when fear takes over you. On some days everything goes smoothly and easily, on some a lot of obstacles show up and mistakes are made.


    But if you choose to live consciously and be aware of your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings, you can notice, when the negative states show up. By understanding the deeper reasons for them and by consciously transforming the negative states, you can refuse to swing backwards and stay on the higher positive emotional and mental planes. (Please note that this doesn't mean to ignore, hide, push away or neglect your negative emotional and mental states. Be absolutely authentic about the way you feel. With "refusing to swing backwards" I mean that you have the chance to take life lessons from the negative emotions and thoughts and to release them.)

  5. Living in harmony with natural rhythms


    It is also important to become aware of the natural rhythms of yourself and nature. Have you noticed changes in yourself in different seasons? Every season and its energies have a great impact not only on plants and animals, but also on humans. For example, the sunny, playful and laid back feelings during the summer and the inwardly oriented, peaceful mood in the winter. This varies of course from place to place, depending on whether you live closer or further away from the equator or whether you live on the countryside or in a big city, but changes in energies and their influence on daily activities and inner impulses can be noticed everywhere according to the rhythms of nature. This can be felt especially at various periods and high-points of solar and lunar cycles (full moon, eclipses, summer and winter solstices, etc.) Knowledge about the rhythms of nature and their influence on humans, as well as rituals with offerings, songs, dances and prayers, which help you to tune into the natural cycles and align yourself to their harmony, is still maintained in many cultures today.

    Besides you can start to become more aware of the natural rhythms by consciously watching your mood and impulses for doing or avoiding various activities and noticing bodily changes such as your skins appearance, eating habits or sleeping patterns in various seasons. This will allow you to become aware of the cycles of nature within yourself and live in harmony with them. By following the rhythms of nature, you can come a lot closer to a harmonious lifestyle, because nature is in essence harmonious and balanced. Everyone is part of nature and can't function successfully by ignoring its laws and rhythms.

  6. Rhythm in personal daily life

    Life styles today are often characterized by great intensity - doing a lot of work and various activities, consuming a lot of information, communicating a lot. People often need to switch rapidly between various tasks and activities, to react quickly to information and communication from other people. The need to quickly switch between activities is often followed by rapid exhaustion, scattered awareness, stress, tension, losing the sense of stability, flow, peace and heartfulness. 

    But you can decide to do things according to your natural rhythms and impulses and not to be pulled into other activities straight away by every phone call, mail, social media message, etc.  You can allow yourself to not be available sometimes or to decide when there is the suitable moment to reply or do things, which others ask from you.

    Besides, you can greatly influence your daily wellbeing by discovering your natural rhythms and by integrating them into your life style. Notice, when you are usually waking up or falling asleep, when you are the most energetic and productive, when you like to do sports, to go outdoors, when you are hungry, when you want to be social and when you want to be with yourself. After recognizing your natural rhythms make a basic schedule for doing the same things at the same time every day, week and month (waking up, eating, going outdoors, etc.).

    I have been experimenting with this and have noticed, that a basic rhythm with recurring actions each day, provides a feeling of stability and flow. I would especially recommend to introduce activities into your morning routine, which let you connect to your Higher Self and the Absolute and let you tune into a harmonious, intuitive, wise, peaceful and inspired state of being for the day (meditation, yoga, prayer) and some rituals for the evening, which let you calm down, to harmonize your mind, clean your energy and enjoy a relaxed, deep sleep (meditation, gratitude ritual, thinking how your day was, etc.). 

    Let these morning and evening rituals be your sacred time with your heart and the Absolute, which isn't interrupted by other people or activities. The connection, which you establish with your Higher Self and the Absolute during your "sacred time", will serve you as a beautiful foundation for a harmonious life. It will help you to:

    1) remain in your heart more easily and maintain your inner peace as opposed to losing yourself in your emotions and intense mind activity during your day;

    2) achieve more by doing less, while listening to your intuition and carrying out inspired action, not only reactive, mind-driven action;

    3) be more easy going and allow things to flow according to the wisdom of universe, not stressing, if something doesn't go as planned;

    4) to tune yourself to positive vibrations of peace, joy, creativity and love and attract more positive experiences into your life;

    5) to enjoy the feeling of security, oneness and loving guidance from the Absolute, etc.

    At the beginning it might be good to discipline yourself to set aside this "sacred time" in the mornings and evenings or to follow other activities according to your personal daily rhythms, but when you start noticing the beautiful influence of these daily rituals and activities on your life and the increase in life quality resulting from them, the daily rituals become a good habit and you can practice them with ease and joy.

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