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  1. 8.3 Law of Success 

    What is success and abundance?

    “Most people consider success as being a high state of worldly prosperity; others, as the realization of personal hopes, or fulfillment of heart’s desires; still others, as the achievement of their ambitions or the performance of great deeds. Real success, however, is something more than this. We do not define it in terms of money, position, fame or wealth, although it may include all these. True, genuine success of the largest kind lies in the results obtained, harvest reaped and distributed, so that our fellow beings at large are benefited and the world enriched. Yet for the purpose of our lesson, the term success will be interpreted in a more individual sense as meaning personal advancement and increase, and the favorable termination of anything attempted."(Raymond Holliwell)*

    Abundance is a state of consciousness

    Abundance isn't bound to particular achievements, it is a state of inner satisfaction and fulfillment. It depends on your perspective and ability to appreciate life in its different aspects. The feeling of abundance is connected to your values, wishes and desires. Individual success is a state of consciousness and mind, which accords to your image of abundance. You can experience success in many aspects, for example, in fulfilling relationships, or job, material wealth, etc. But with experience you notice, that even if you realize your dreams in every aspect of life, which is important to you, after a while the achieved success "loses its effect" and happiness fades away. It happens because you are a spiritual being and can find absolute fulfillment only in the unity with and Love of the Creator.

  2. You can of course enjoy all aspects of life. It is just important to remember that success, like life itself, is more a journey than an end destination. When all of your focus is on reaching a specific goal in the future, which will bring you happiness, you miss the most significant part of life what is happening here and now, moment to moment. And after you achieve one thing you desired, there come new things and you can again lose yourself in the stressful pursuit of them.

    Actually you don't need to stress to manifest your wishes, the Absolute loves you unconditionally and is ready to help you to realise all your dreams. You live in a universe of abundance and unlimited possibilities. Everybody is meant to live in prosperity, it is your divine birth-rightThere is a common false belief that some people are born to abundance and others not. Of course the consequences of the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Polarity are seen and experienced in the world, but the Creator made us all equal. Everyone, including you, can have abundance their lives. You just need to evolve spiritually, understand the universal laws and use them harmoniously in your life. 

  3. True happiness and prosperity is always based on the laws of the Absolute. If you live in harmony with the Absolute, follow the universal laws and are open to the affluence of the Universe, all that is needed for a fulfilled life, flows to you naturally. The main reasons you do not always experience it in your life, is because you aren't always in harmony with the Divine energy flow, or aren't open to it. If for some reason the energy channels through which abundance and harmony normally flow, are blocked, undeveloped or unused, you experience lack of some kind in your life. When those channels are harmonized again and life energy flows in and out of you in a balanced way, then it also manifests in life as abundance in every aspect.

  4. What disturbs the flow of abundance and how to deal with it?

    If there is negative energy in you, it blocks the flow of positive energy coming in and the Absolute can't send to you all that you need, although it could be there. Negative energy is comprised of negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Because like attracts like, the limiting thoughts and uncontrolled negative emotions create a seeming lack of abundance in life. We manifest our inner world into the outside plane continually, whether consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, it is necessary to become aware of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions connected to success and abundance.

    Often you are not aware of your negative issues as they lie in the sub-conscious and have not yet come to the conscious realm. They can be there from negative experiences in this or in past lives. It is very helpful and necessary to gain a deep understanding about the nature and working principles of consciousness, sub-consciousness, mind, heart, Higher Self, your thoughts, emotions and feelings as well as information about your negative issues and how to clear and heal them. It is a precise science accessible to all, it just takes some time to learn and practice it. The topic is too broad to cover here now, but we recommend you to take a look at the list of recommended literature on our site for further study.

  5. Here we will point out some popular negative issues and aspects connected to abundance.

    Perception, beliefs:

    -- Victim mentality. It seems to you that you lack something in life and can't achieve it because of "bad others" - your parents, relatives, partner, teachers, education, boss, immigrants, criminals, government, etc. This creates more circumstances and situations where others will treat you in a negative way and let you feel like a victim.

    -- Unworthiness, lack of self esteem. If you see yourself as undeserving, you will miss chances for abundance. If you live in doubts about your abilities, talents or usefulness to society, people will not have faith in you and will mistrust you. When you think or say that "I am not good enough" or "Nobody needs me" and similar negative statements, by saying those words and affirming them, you are creating such a reality.  

    -- Prosperity. If you believe that you do not deserve prosperity, then you cannot expect to receive it. You attract what you think and feel. You manifest your life either through "poverty consciousness" or through "abundance consciousness". Your beliefs really are important. Even, if somebody with a deeply rooted "poverty consciousness" would be given a gift - 100 thousands of euros, he would lose the money, since his beliefs wouldn't allow him to experience abundance and he would attract situations in life, which would take away the money from him.

    -- Focus on lack. You are having thoughts like "I can't afford it", or "It's too expensive for me", or "I don't have enough money". If you are constantly focusing on ‘lack’ in your life, then you draw it into your life further by the Law of Attention. Where attention goes, energy flows. Appreciate each day all that, which you already have and practice the attitude of gratitude.     

    -- How can I give others if I have so little? Think about what you have. Focus on that, be grateful for it and become fulfilled with it. Appreciate the wonders of nature, which are around - the sun, the fresh air, the beauty of plants and animals. Give your attention to everything in life, that inspires you and makes you feel grateful. When you share your fulfillment with others in any possible way (attention, care, prayer, practical help) from the heart, it only multiplies and comes back to you in a positive way. Keep in mind, that the most beautiful and special gifts in life are love, care, attention, your time, presence, shared joy, etc. True prayers, positive thoughts, blessings or smiles are real presents and they are for free. Share all these with others and you will notice how much you can actually give. Then you can move into the balance of natural inward and outward flow of universal energy, independent how much money you have in the moment.

    -- Abundance through struggle. There is a common belief that success and material wealth can be achieved mostly through struggle, intensive work and often by misusing other people, nature's resources. But if you learn the universal laws and principles and use them harmoniously in life, abundance comes naturally, as a joyful and loving exchange of services and energy with others.

    -- Abundance is not spiritual. Some people assume that material prosperity and a lot of money have to do with greed and capitalism. Yet money can be earned in an honest way. And with the help of it one can buy books for spiritual development, visit classes or seminars for soul growth, travel and gain beautiful experience, make presents to others, etc. There is nothing wrong with money, if you use this energy wisely. It is just a form of energy exchange for different services one person can give to another, be it material, mental, or spiritual. Charge for your services accordingly - a laborer is worthy of his hire. Besides, if you earn more money than you need, you can tithe it to different kind of NGO and charity organizations, who work with environmental, social and other important issues in the world.

    -- Living in the future or past and not accepting the now. Is there something what you resist in your life, for example, going to work every day? If you are in resistance you are not in the flow. If you are not in the flow, you cannot receive. If you notice yourself in the state of resistance, think for a while and find out why you sometimes don't accept the situations and circumstances you are in? Then find in that situation the positive, what makes you feel grateful and that's what you will continue attracting into your life. The key is to be grateful and to feel positive about what you have now, where you are now. It doesn't matter that you would now actually like to do something else or be somewhere else. Accept the situations and tasks, that are yours in the moment and devote your activities and job to the Absolute. If you do it from your heart and willingly, you will come into positive vibrations and attract positive experience and new possibilities in life.

    -- Not open to receive. Some people have a reluctance to accept assistance and favours from others. This is connected to this or past life experience, where you had negative experiences with debts and with accepting help from others. Take a look inside yourself and notice if you avoid asking for help or if you prefer to do things by yourself, even if assistance is proposed? Let that all go and be open to receive from the universe through others. Just do it with wisdom and attention. Understand that others are like an instrument of the Absolute, with whom It can answer your prayers.

    -- Lack of knowledge, understanding of your possibilities. "The source of all creation is pure consciousness, pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe. We are, in our essential state, pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. Pure consciousness is our spiritual essence. Being infinite and unbounded, it is also pure joy. Other attributes of consciousness are pure knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, simplicity, and bliss. This is our essential nature. Our essential nature is one of pure potentiality. When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, in that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have, because you are the eternal possibility, the immeasurable potential of all that was, is, and will be. There is no separation between you and this field of energy. The field of pure potentiality is your own Self. And the more you experience your true nature, the closer you are to the field of pure potentiality." (Deepak Chopra)**


    -- Fear of not getting what you want or not getting enough. It comes from not understanding how things manifest into life. Take time to study more deeply the Law of Energy, Vibration and Attraction.

    -- Fear of change. If you notice that you can't move out of comfort, even if this would mean possibilities for positive financial changes or abundance in other ways, find time to study more deeply the Law of Energy, Vibration and Attraction. Furthermore, take your emotions under control, realize that fears are essentially illusions.

    -- Worry over money and material possessions. Some people are afraid to spend money. But the Law of Compensation always secures, that what goes out, comes back in. So when you spend money, do it easily and with gratitude. But spend it just for what you actually need. And don't attach yourself to what you get. All your possessions are on loan from the Absolute for this lifetime. After this incarnation, you will leave it all on this plane.

    Besides, don't gather too many belongings and possessions. All is energy. If there is enough space around you, energy can flow freely and bring into your life new things or people... If you own more than you actually need and use or if you stick to something or somebody, energy in your life becomes stagnant and still. Let the energy flow freely and you will notice that all you need flows to you easily.

    -- Fear to love. If your heart is closed, you close yourself to loving relationships. Then true friendships, true romance, etc. can't come into your life. The heart closes as a result of negative beliefs and emotions caused by painful experiences in previous relationships. Such people often stay in unhealthy relationships or withdraw emotionally. If you wish true friends and a partner, heal the mental and emotional blocks in your heart and open yourself to the flow of true love.

    Dealing with negative issues

    These were a few examples of negative issues that block the flow of abundance. Let's sum up how to deal with them. To change something negative in your life, become absolute authentic how you feel about it. Accept the situations where you are at the moment and the way you really feel now - take a look at your feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs. Understand them deeply and take the necessary lessons from them. Don't make a pressure on yourself for being positive and successfull, but don't stay in a negative life situation either. Move step by step as it fits you to a more positive way of life. You don't need to fix things super quickly, you just need to consciously work with your issues and they will naturally change. Remember that you create the world you live in. The world with every person you meet, every event that happens, all circumstances that occure, is a perfect mirror of you. Take responsibility for what you have created, change the negative issues and take any necessary actions to move into a harmonious way of living.

    "Let go of all the negative and allow the Divine energy of the Creator to fill your life and bring to you the happiness, success in every aspect that is yours by right. Each soul has the ability to create all they need, they just have to trust, let go and then FLY!  You will be amazed at how far you can go." (Maitreya)***

  6. Responsible abundance


    We would like to add also some words about responsibility connected to abundance. While it is true that the universe is infinite abundant and everyone can live in abundance, when we create our material abundance, we should do it in responsible ways in alignment with our heart and the universal laws. The abundance of our planet is often misused in disharmonious, unsustainable and egoistic ways towards various kingdoms on Earth (the minerals, plants, animals, humans, elementals and other living beings). When we try to achieve material wealth, we have to choose harmonious ways, how to do this.


    "The old concept of abundance, much loved by "positive thinkers", was based on "separation" thinking. You were encouraged to seek abundance and not to concern yourself with where it came from or whether those around you were equally sharing in your abundance and joy. It was all about you, and making sure that you were ok. And in a spiritual paradigm based on power and Third-Dimensional Solar-Plexus energy, this was an acceptable place for you to be.


    (...) We say to you now that the experience of compassion has replaced Abundance in the New Paradigm. And the best way to learn compassion is to experience and feel what others feel. When 80% of the planetary population struggle to survive and feed themselves, can you honestly and in integrity seek to create abundance for yourself? Do you not realize that so often this "abundance" that you so glibly manifest using your basic "magician's tricks" of visualization and naming, is taken from those who barely have enough, and often do not have enough.


    Those of you living in developed countries are waking up to realize that if there are hungry and unhappy people on the planet, then you will be hungry and unhappy as well. You are one. And while you may not suffer physical hunger, you will feel hunger and deprivation in other ways - until you learn compassion and the balance is once again achieved on the Planet." (the Hathors)****


    So while looking for abundance in your life, remember that everybody and everything is connected. Do a reality check and find out how the goods in our shops and markets are produced. Where do they come from? Who are the workers, how are they paid, how are their life and work circumstances? What influence on environment does the manufacturing process have, etc.


    Lets become truly aware about the reality behind our current abundance and look for alternative, spiritual, conscious and harmonious ways to live in prosperity in alignment with our hearts and the universal laws.

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