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  1. 2 Law of Vibration

    Sublaw of Attraction
    Sublaw of Manifestation

    Everything that exists in our cosmos is basically made of energy particles vibrating at specific frequencies. From the smallest units of matter to stars and universes, everything is constantly vibrating, moving and changing. The universal energy is always in motion and change - transmuting into and out of different forms.

    Matter looks solid to the human eye, because energy particles are very small and vibrate with great rapidity – similar to a rapidly moving wheel which seems to be motionless. But when matter is broken down into its smallest components, it becomes clear that it consists of energy or light which vibrates at specific frequencies or in specific patterns. 

  2. All forms of matter on all planes (physical, mental, spiritual etc.) have their own vibrational frequency. Be it a stone, a tree or a thought. Varying rates of vibration manifest in different objects. There are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration. From the grossest to the highest vibration, the Absolute, all is vibrating. The higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale.

  3. Also the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions we choose, vibrate in their own frequencies. Together with desires, wishes and intentions, they are one of the most powerful forms of energy in our cosmos. Similar to sound waves, which pass through most solids, they permeate solid objects, time and space. They are sent out into the world through our hearts and brains, which broadcast the vibrations and waves of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings into the world. These vibrations reach out into the universal field of energy and interact with everything and everybody that surrounds us. The universal energy field functions similarly to a tightly woven net and connects everyone and everything, either consciously or unconsciously, independent on time, space or awareness of the connection. 

  4. The created and sent energy communicates with the universal field and resonates with whatever possesses similar frequency. Like attracts like. This principle is known also as the Law of Attraction. It is a subset law for the Law of Vibration. The Law of Attraction ensures that energies that vibrate at a similar frequency attract each other and manifest corresponding results in life. For example, positive feelings result in positive circumstances, negative feelings bring about negative events. Through our thoughts, emotions and feelings we are literally co-creating our reality. That is why it is important to be aware of which frequencies we find ourselves in and what we are consciously or unconsciously creating.

  5. Simply put, pure energy from the formless plane of the universe is constantly flowing into the material plane and taking form. This energy is boundless and infinite. The formless energy is always flowing into and through you and manifests itself into whatever you are focusing your attention on. Where your attention goes, energy flows.

  6. Each thought or emotion has its specific vibration. Different mental states may be reproduced, just as a musical tone may be reproduced by causing an instrument to vibrate at a certain rate. With practice you may learn to polarize your mind as you wish and gain a perfect control over your mental states. One of the methods is "fixing the attention" upon a more desirable state and thus changing your vibration and mental state. Fear, anger and other negative feelings are generally of lower, heavier vibrations. Grosser vibrations can always be transmuted and raised higher to or by lighter vibrations like compassion, kindness, love and joy. 

    The mental transmutation and conscious manifestation is essential in creating what you want in life, but often it isn't enough to just work with your thoughts, emotions and wait until your desired results will fall from heaven. To meet the opportunities, which will help your wishes to manifest, you have to be tuned into the proper vibrations and also take action, which support your thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. The thoughts you think and emotions you feel, bring you into the vibration of attracting similar things, experiences, and circumstances. The action you take shows the universe that you're open to receive what you're wishing for. So you still have to do some work to get what you want. But if you hold a clear image of what you want to create in your mind and heart and take necessary inspired action, the Law of Attraction will help you perfectly.

  7. It is also necessary to keep in mind that there is always a gestation period for everything. It takes time for your wishes to manifest from the formless realm into the physical plane. This is where true understanding of the principles of manifestation play a vital part in your success and let you trust the universe. Keep faith in your intentions, no matter if you already see results. Know that the process of manifestation is happening and keep your thought-seeds growing.

    What is also important to remember while creating your life, is the Law of Divine Oneness. You are connected to everybody and everything in this Universe in a process of co-creation. While manifesting your life, make sure that your intentions and actions are in harmony with other beings on all planes. Be in alignment with your Higher self, the Absolute and the Divine Universal Laws.

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    Please note that the information about the meaning and practical use of the Law of Attraction and manifesting process in this article is simplified and provides only a basic understanding. To use this law successfully, I recommend that you explore its subtler and deeper aspects as well as important facets of its practical use. Please check out these articles:

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