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  1. Importance of personal initiative and experience

  2. ~ To really understand the universal laws, become again a child and remember that you are living in a wonder, in an unknown Mystery. ~

    There is so much that you actually don't know about life. Actually, your education (school, college, university or even all of them together) probably haven't taught to you the most basic and essential things about life. Research shows that people remember about 12% of the information and skills that are taught in traditional schools and use even less in their daily lives.


    For example, do you remember how a rainbow is formed? Or how the seasons appear? How is time measured? Were you aware that all phenomena that exist in our universe, whether seen or unseen, in its most simple form are vibrating particles of energy?


    These are just a few simple questions, to which grownups often don't have clear answers. After school or higher education many people notice that they have to discover and learn things afresh, but this time to take responsibility for what and how they are learning, without being pushed, tested or limited by parents, teachers and education systems. When studying the universal laws in depth, you become a discoverer and spiritual scientist, who tests ideas in many experiments to find out, how "life really works".


    This can be very challenging for grownups with a full time job, because you maybe don't have the time and energy for subtle theoretical studies and practical experiments anymore.

    ~ It can be a demanding also, because through traditional education you are used to consume and accept ready-made information and world views instead of discovering the world by yourself. ~

    The traditional school doesn't inspire to learn, to discover, to find out. It kills out natural curiosity, the adventurous spirit and personal initiative and neglects the value of personal experience. After finishing school many people become apathetic and lose their interest in studies and discoveries. They don't want to deal anymore with tasks of physics, chemistry or whatever anymore. And they are under the illusion that there isn't actually anything special to discover about them, the world or life anyway. 

    Some people keep searching for truths, but when they meet a lot of different world views - theories of modern science, religious ideas and information from various spiritual traditions, the mind often supposes that universal truths, which apply to everybody, don't really exist,. Some people also get tired of searching and studying or get lost in the ocean of information available to people at this time. They often choose not to believe in anything concrete or pick a ready world-view which corresponds to them.

    This happens also because the mind loves the comfort of ready-made systems and is afraid of the unknown. So it has the tendency to accept a system and ignore things which fall outside of it or explain them in ways, which allow them to fit into the existing world view.

    Nevertheless, there exist universal truths, which apply to everybody in just the same way the laws of physics, chemistry or astronomy known by scientists do. They apply to everyone - Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, yoga practitioners, new age people, scientists, atheists and everybody else. And in an interesting way everyone recognizes that there are universal laws on the physical plane, which work the same for all people, but when it comes to subtler planes of matter, then many different theories show up which work only for that particular group, which believes in them.

    ~ The study and testing of universal laws is a great opportunity to experience that there actually exist universal truths and laws which work for all people also on the spiritual, not only the physical plane. ~

    It is the chance to take full responsibility for your life and gain freedom from various inherited limited world views. Besides, it is the opportunity to regain the true curiosity of the inner child and real spirit of adventurousness by discovering everything and experimenting by yourself.

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