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  1. Recommended practical skills for the successful use of the universal laws

  2. To use the universal laws harmoniously and successfully in life, it would be helpful to develop some skills and gain deeper knowledge about various aspects of the laws and their interconnectedness. On our site there is basic information about the operation of the laws. We recommend further deeper studies of more subtle aspects connected to the spiritual laws. (Check out the recommended sources.)


    Here we offer an overview for developing the skills for practical success with the universal laws based on our own experience. It is meant for inspiration and guidance. It is true that the more conscious skills you'll master with time, the more harmony, inner peace and success you'll experience in your life. But follow your own inner guidance and learn what is necessary for you step by step as it fits you best.


    thoughts and emotions:

    - becoming aware of your thoughts, emotions
    - noticing your thoughts, emotions in your daily activities and separate situations
    - peacefully witnessing them
    - analyzing, understanding the reasons for them
    - witnessing and choosing your reactions (thoughts, emotions) in challenging situations
    - getting out of negative thoughts, emotions
    - releasing unnecessary thoughts, emotions
    - creating necessary thoughts, emotions
    - doing visualizations, filled with emotions
    - transforming negative thoughts, emotions into positive ones
    - admitting to yourself your true thoughts, emotions about something
    - becoming aware of your unconscious beliefs and feelings
    - learning not to judge but to accept, understand and love yourself and others instead

    heart and mind:

    - learning to distinguish the impulses from your heart, mind, body etc.
    - becoming aware of your intentions (ego-based, based on love)
    - learning to listen, communicating with your heart
    - becoming aware when you're acting from your heart and when from your mind
    - learning to act according to your heart
    - becoming aware of negative energy in your heart (pain, negative emotions) and mind (negative beliefs)
    - healing your heart from negative energy blocks
    - clearing your mind from negative thought patterns, beliefs



    - taking responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, words, activities - for the reality you are creating and have created until now
    - being conscious and present in your daily activities
    - learning to become aware and communicate with your subconsciousness
    - learning to heal negative energy arising from the subconscious
    - living in the now, in the present moment
    - accepting and enjoying the present moment
    - creating positive causes in the now and shaping the future
    - being in the flow and releasing resistance to what happens now or is created before
    - being in inner silence and peace
    - meditating and being in higher planes of consciousness
    - opening up, trusting the perfection of the universal laws and the Love of the Absolute
    - learning to listen and to be guided by your heart/soul/Higher Self and the Absolute

  3. Step by step progress

    Please note that a harmonious application of these skills takes time. This can be weeks, months, years and in some aspects maybe your whole life and this is absolutely natural. Remember, the integration of the laws in life is more like a step by step journey with beautiful adventures and challenges instead of arriving at the final destination right away.

    Be kind and loving to yourself, when things don't happen as you expect them to. Concentrate more on your developmental process than on the separate results. The positive outcomes will show up anyway by the law of Cause and Effect. 

    And remember: "Your feelings, your life, however it is unfolding, doesn’t need to reach some specific resting place or state of perfection in order for you to have arrived and things to be ‘right’. You are perfect in process, exactly as you are right now, with whatever you are feeling, and whatever state your life is in. Let there be nothing to resist, nothing that needs to be hidden from you, nothing that needs to change for you to experience yourself as complete. Look at yourself as you are and love all of you, embracing yourself in the midst of never-ending change. You are not a product, you are a beautiful and dynamic process. This is true in every moment - there is inherent perfection in existence with all it’s shades and flavors, a perfection in this play of consciousness that is always unfolding. (...)"(quote from You Are Whole, www.shaktilover.tumblr.com)

    P.s. We will also offer broader, subtler theoretical information and practical tips for developing these skills in the expanded edition of the Illustrated Universal Laws.

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