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  1. 8.2 Principle of Challenge and Negativity

    Negative experiences carry valuable lessons 

    People are awakened and learn important lessons more often through negative than through positive experience. To feel happy and joyful seems to be a natural state of being. Hapiness and joy are characteristic for your true essence and each spirit has them by default. Because of that you often take your happiness for granted and don't learn further lessons, which life offers to you. But when hardship and suffering show up, you notice that something has to be changed and learned. This realization may come through different challenging experiences, like loss of an important relationship, health issues, loss of a job or something else.

    If you would be in a permanent state of bliss and happiness, without difficulty and challenges, there wouldn't be enough stimulus for deeper learning and spiritual development. If you feel mainly peace and bliss, you usually don't feel the need for change and spiritual growth. But the spirit is meant to learn and expand, to develop further and further until it is again reunited with the Source - the Absolute. So everyone in his life has to encounter happiness and joy, sadness and sorrow. All the different positive and negative experiences are designed for spiritual growth and spiritual development.

    "Even though it often does not feel that way to you as a human, deep down inside there is a creative force in you that designs certain pivotal happenings in your life and attracts the experiences that you wish to go through in order to understand, grow and expand. Essentially, you are never a victim of this world. At the core of who you are, you are never truly powerless or devastated. Because in that core is the spark of God who says “yes” to the experiences you go through in bodily form, and who knows that you are able to learn from it so that your consciousness becomes even wider and more compassionate. Embrace this creative power within, which attracted to you the life that you now experience. Embrace your life with all the ups and downs. You have the power to live it well."*(Jeshua)

  2. Challenges come with opportunities for better life

    When you encounter difficulty, the first reaction is often resistance to what is happening accompanied by negative emotions and the wish to get rid of the challenges as fast as possible. But if you manage to go through the challenges, then you always notice that the gained experience has somehow improved your life. With time you discover that problems always come with opportunities for better life (unless you get stuck in victim-consciousness and refuse to take responsibility for what happens). This is important to remember, when you face new challenges and have to deal with possibly intense negative emotions and thoughts.

    Keep in mind that a challenge is a chance to change something for the better. Take a deeper look at your problems and learn to see them for what they really are - opportunities to improve the situation and circumstances you find yourself in. Know that bigger and better things are coming into your life.

    There are no irresolvable problems in your life, just never-ending opportunities to grow. The challenges you experience are just showing you what aspects of your life need your conscious attention, loving presence and change. 

    So, when you feel anxious about the negative situation you are in, take time to find out the true reasons for the negative experience and take your lessons from it. Understand that all that comes in the form of difficulty is a blessing if only you recognize it. 

    It is like in this story:

    I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.
    I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.
    I asked for prosperity and God gave me brawn and brains to work.
    I asked for courage and God gave me dangers to overcome.
    I asked for patience and God placed me in situations where I was forced to wait.
    I asked for love and God gave me troubled people to help.
    I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities.
    I asked for everything so I could enjoy life.
    Instead, He gave me life so I could enjoy everything.
    I received nothing I wanted, I received everything I needed.
    (unknown author)

    In connection to the story lets remember your own personal challenges and difficulties you went through in your life. Consider, what you learned from them, what qualities did you develop through them and how did the challenges change your life for better? Notice the wisdom, the strength, the depth, compassion, improved life circumstances, opportunities, etc., what you gained through various difficult life events. And imagine for a moment that you could choose to not experience these difficulties, but then you had to release all that you gained through these challenges and go back to the "old" version of yourself . What would you choose...? People often don't want to experience challenges and difficulties, because they don't realize the valuable life lessons for spiritual growth and opportunites for a better life they are bringing.

  3. There is a reason for everything you experience

    The difficulties you encounter aren't happening by chance and they aren't a penalty from the universe. The universe does not reward or punish, but it has created universal laws to secure harmony. There are no mistakes or accidents in the universe, everything happens for a reason. The difficulties in your life are essentially lessons for your spiritual growth.

    And whatever you experience today, is the effect of your actions in the past. Previous emotions, thoughts, desires, intentions and activities have created your present personality, mind and body and the circumstances, surroundings, situations in which you are living in.

    While remembering that there are no punishments, understand that there also are no guilty ones, whom to blame for what is happening to you. It may appear different to your self (ego), which likes to create dramas with victims and perpetrators. But don't go into feeling sorry for yourself. Nothing and nobody, no outer circumstance or event, no word or deed, can cause you to suffer. Suffering is always your own unconscious choice to not see the true reasons behind the negative experience and to not take responsibility for it. It comes from your internal resistance to life's lessons, which are given to you.

    So don't let difficulty pull you down. When it shows up, meet it like a friend who can give you a hint how to improve your situation. If you look at negative events as an opportunity to develop and move forward in life, you'll attract exactly that, because your thoughts and emotions are shaping your reality. If you perceive the challenges with negative attitude and get stuck in emotions like fear, doubt, anger or the like, then that is what you will draw into your energy field and manifest in life. Ofcourse it is necessary to be authentic about your emotions and thoughts in challenging life situations, but it is also important to step by step move out of negative emotions and thoughts by understanding them deeply.

  4. Practical tips for dealing with challenges


    • Being authentic and whole

    Remember that when you experience challenges and negativity, it is absolutely ok to feel whatever you feel at that period of time. Be really authentic and honest about your emotions, thoughts and your actual condition in every aspect. Don't hide, ignore or push away nothing.

  5. If you dare to look at your emotions and thoughts, even if they are really negative, you'll feel a sense of peace, relief and possibly some empowerment. Because before you look honestly at your emotions and thoughts, you may find yourself lost in a nowhere of intense negative energies. But when you admit to yourself what you actually feel or think, then you know at least where you are and then you can start to do something about it.

    Besides, when you bring suppressed issues from the subconscious to your awareness, then you notice that the "monsters" you were running away from are actually scared and wounded parts of your inner child, which need loving presence, attention and help. If you give loving attention to the wounded, frightened, etc. parts of yourself and accept all of you like you are at the moment, then you remove the split between the positive self and the negative self (which you are trying to fix to get things "right" again or to get rid off without deeper understanding). What do I mean by that? There is often a painful splitting happening in humans, when you like your positive parts of yourself and are ashamed, don't accept, hide and push away the negative parts of yourself. The split arises often because you haven't received uncoditional love from your parents and environment, who didn't accept all of you, but valued and loved you only when you showed the positive parts of yourself. So you got used to show a nice and positive facade to the society and to not accept your negative aspects and consequently lost your authenticity and wholeness. But the negative aspects, which are ignored and pushed away, can't stay like that, they also wish to be seen, felt, understood and accepted and won't give you inner peace until you do that.

    Generally, you can free yourself from the fear of your negative parts (intense negative emotions and thoughts), because when you put conscious loving attention to your shadow aspects, the light of the consciousness dissolves the darkness. Conscious attention is not a passive registering of something although you don't try to change something, but just look at it as it is. Consciousness is an active creative force, which has power to dissolve emotions and thoughts and bring you understanding of life lessons, healing and peace. You'll notice that looking straight into your emotions and letting yourself to experience emotions fully, when putting yourself in the state of a neutral and curious witness, the emotions gradually dissolve and nothing bad happens to you. You can perceive your emotions like actors on the stage, who play out intense dramas, but you  (the witness) are watching everything in safety. The emotions give you important messages about yourself, to which to pay attention, but don't identify yourself with them. You are in essence pure consciousness. 

  6. When people experience negativity, they naturally wish to compensate it with positivity. It is normal to do so, but remember to not run away from experiencing negativity by just cultivating positivity. To be in peace with yourself, to be whole and authentic, you have to acknowledge all aspects of yourself. Learn to embrace yourself in your wholeness step by step by discovering and understanding the true reasons of the negativity you are experiencing. Some experiences are quite easy to understand, some take longer contemplation, work with your emotions, thoughts and subconscious, listening to your heart, meditation and additional, deeper searches in the fields of psychology and spirituality. Take your time, move step by step as it fits you, don't force yourself to be as fast as possible happy again. You are a human being and you are naturally designed to feel all shades between positive and negative emotions and thoughts.

    But remember, no matter what you may feel, you can learn to master your emotions and thoughts and choose what to experience in your life. It takes time for understanding the way thoughts and emotions function and to master the knowledge in practical life, but these are essential life skills which can be learned by everyone. Know that emotions and thoughts are under the power of your consciousness and will. This is especially important to remember, when you feel lost or taken over by your emotions or controlled by your thoughts or when you see yourself as bad, not worthy, etc., because you are identifying yourself with your emotions and thoughts. You may feel down, broken and deeply wounded at the emotional and mental level, but you can heal your emotional body and come to inner peace, harmony and absolute health. Your true essence is pure consciousness - the divine sparkle from the Absolute and nothing can harm it.

    • Look for solutions and help

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the challenges and negativity you are facing are probably already experienced by millions of other people and you can find support and help. Today there are available self-help books, videos and other tools for dealing with almost every aspect and challenge of life as well various therapists and healers who can support you personally.

    Know that essentially "All human suffering comes from the lack of knowledge." (Agni Yoga)** Therefore it is important to not get stuck in your negative emotions, thoughts and self-pity or victimhood feelings, but look for information, tools and practical help. From my personal experience I can say that I always find the necessary information and personal help to deal with various challenges I face in life (including love, family relationships, serious health issues for which there seemingly was no cure and subtle spiritual and existential questions, etc.). You aren't left here alone on this mysterious planet with your problems, the Law of Attraction secures that you'll find all solutions necessary for you. Think about them, feel them, take any inspired action and your needs will be met.

    Here I'm going to share with you some valuable sources for your inspiration, further studies and practical help:


    • Moving up the emotional scale


    When you are feeling negative, it is necessary to find and understand the reasons for it and that's how a great part of the negativity can be released. But it is also helpful to know how do you move up from negative emotions to positive ones? Usually you can't jump from being angry to being joyful in one moment. There is a natural scale of emotions and according vibrations, which people usually go through. For using the Law of Vibration and consciously working with your emotions and thoughts, I really recommend videos from Abraham Hicks - check out the video "Moving Up The Emotional Scale" on Youtube and visit her website.


    • Cause of suffering is in your mind


    People are often focusing on their problems and try to get rid of them to get things "right" again. But somehow the problems keep returning or there show up new challenges. The reason for this lies greatly in the mind. Eckhart Tolle explains this deeper: "You may find it hard to recognize that time is the cause of your suffering or your problems. You believe that they are caused by specific situations in your life, and seen from a conventional viewpoint, this is true. But until you have dealt with the basic problem-making dysfunction of the mind - its attachment to past and future and denial of the Now - problems are actually interchangeable. If all your problems or perceived causes of suffering or unhappiness were miraculously removed for you today, but you had not become more present, more conscious, you would soon find yourself with a similar set of problems or causes of suffering, like a shadow that follows you wherever you go. Ultimately, there is only one problem: the time-bound mind itself."***


    • How to deal practically with emotions and thoughts?


    To learn to understand your emotions, thoughts and find solutions for various popular challenges in life, I warmly recommend to take a look at various videos of Teal Swan. Check out, for example, the video "The Meaning of Pain", "Emotional wake up call" or "How to Deal with Anger", etc. on her Youtube channel. 

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