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  1. Understanding daily experiences of separateness and unity

    When you start to realize the oneness of all and to apply the law of Divine Oneness into life, there happens a shifting from separateness to unity-consciousness. This process is individual, for some it happens very gradualy, step by step during many years, for some the feeling of unity comes quicker.

    Since I discovered the oneness of everything in meditation and practiced it regulary, the sense of unity increased all the time. At the beginning of my practice, I felt deeper unity mainly in meditation and after it. But gradually the feeling of oneness grew and was present in more and more moments of my day. With time, it became my default state of being. Nevertheless the sense of unity may switch on and off or change its intensity depending on what I do. For example, I feel a deeper oneness, when meditating, praying, being with heartful people, in nature, doing creative work, etc. But I tend to lose the sense of unity in crowded places with many people or when having a super busy day with various tasks.

    The contrasts between experiences of oneness and separateness, as well the switching forth and back between them, can be confusing and I'll talk about it more in this article.

    1 Separateness - the usual way of being

  2. Most people are familiar with the feeling of separateness from the world as a default condition. It is a sense of separation from other living beings, objects, phenomena and various events, life processes. This state of consciousness is also called separateness-consciousness and it causes you to believe that you are an isolated individual. You are watching the world out there from your mind-space and experiencing a sense of aloneness and brokeness from the whole. It feels like you aren't an important part of the whole, but that you are somehow incomplete, don't really belong to the world and have no real impact on it. This is followed by pain and the sensation of inner emptiness inside you, which you are trying to fill with something from outside (material wealth, career success, love relationships, family, etc.).

    The feeling of separateness varies from person to person - there are people who feel it vaguely and sometimes, while others experience it regulary and intense. At the same time, some have a clear sense of unity of all living beings and an intuitive knowing of interconnectedness of life processes between everybody and everything. But at this time people mostly aren't aware about the unity of everything and often feel oneness just with their closest people (partners, family members, friends) or likeminded people with similar interests or a community, city, country.

    From my personal experience I remember that I was dominated by separateness-consciousness and I was familiar with the above mentioned feelings, which are characteristic to it. But meditation showed me subtler aspects of my being and I discovered that outside the borders of my mind, in my core, I am love, compassion, purity and silence. It was a huge discovery, which deeply changed the perception of myself, since before meditation the sense of myself was connected mostly to the constant flow of my thoughts in my mind.

    Together with the realization of oneness with everybody and everything, which also came through meditation, it all gradually changed me and I started to experience unity with other humans and various living beings (plants, animals, spirits, etc.) in my daily life as a default feeling and on a deep level. Also the earlier mentioned spontaneous spiritual revelations and the direct communication with the Universal Consciousness dissolved greatly my feeling of separateness, since I experienced that I'm connected to and unconditionaly loved by the Absolute. Plus various ascension symptoms during the past 7 years helped to shift my world perception to unity with everything. And although there are moments, when I feel less unity or even separateness, the understanding and feeling of unity of everything is still in the background and I can "switch back" to it.

    2 Influence of regular human senses on the feeling of unity

    An other reason, why people usually don't feel the oneness of everything is that they perceive the world through regular human senses and mind, which are very limited in their ability to perceive the reality of the universe. For example, according to modern science average human vision can perceive less than 1% of the energy of the universe. And there are limitations also to regular human hearing and other senses. Think about small particles of matter like atoms, which form various objects and which people can't see or of information, which is broadcasted through the air (sms, mobile internet) and falls outside your vision capabilities. Know that various animals and insects have other limitations to their senses and perceive the world in different ways.

  3. It is strange to realize, but very necessary to keep in mind, that humans can perceive just a small part of the reality of the universe through their regular senses. Your reality is mostly an incomplete interpretation of the world, based on the limitations of regular senses and processed by the brain and mind. Since you experience only parts of the whole reality, there arises the illusion of separateness. If you would experience everything what actually happens in the world at once, then you would feel the interconnectedness and unity of all that exists. 

    Besides, the understanding of unity comes also through the knowing of human constitution. If you are used to identify yourself with the constant stream of thoughts in your mind, your emotions and your physical body, you are familiar just with parts of yourself. Actually, a human is a spiritual being incarnated in a physical body and it has various subtle layers (or bodies) eg. physical body, energy body, mental body, wisdom body, bliss body, Higher Self (names of the layers vary in different spiritual traditions). And when you calm your physical, energy and mental layers through meditation (or possibly other practice), you become aware of subtler layers of yourself and the planes of reality, where you can feel that everything is united and interconnected. It is like switching your attention from the physical plane and its division into separate beings and events to the subtle planes of reality and the unity of all there is. So, if you live mostly from your mind-plane and don't experience subtler planes, you'll likely miss the unity of everything, which is the ultimate reality.

    3 Influence of environment on the feeling of oneness

    The feeling and knowing of unity of all is greatly influenced by your upbringing and your social, cultural environment. People inherit from their environment their world-view, communication and interraction habits. For example, if you have been raised in a conscious eco-community with understanding of oneness, you are used to see and feel others, to share attention, love, joy, respect, to take care about others, to share and cooperate in various ways. In contrary, if you have been living in a big, dynamic western city, you may think that it is normal to live your life just for yourself and for some of your closest people, without thinking of your connection with the humanity, Earth and the universe.

    Besides, various emotional, mental and physical violence can lead to a closed heart and therefore disturb your ability to feel connection with others and the world. For example, if you have experienced violence as a child and have spent your childhood in an aggressive environment and powerty, you often develop a sense of separateness, mistrust and insecurity towards other people. On the contrary - if you have lived in a loving and caring family and were surrounded by good material conditions, you tend to feel whole, open and securely connected to the world and life processes as a grownup.

    Generally, a closed heart may develop through all kind of painful experiences - if you weren't allowed to realize your dreams or don't see the possibility to live your dreams now, if you have experienced a heartbreak in a friendship or love relationship, etc. Various pain aswell negative thoughts and beliefs are real energy blocks on subtle levels of your being and often disturb your heart to feel oneness. In such cases it is necessary to become aware of the negative energy blocks and to heal them to let the life energy flow freely through you and to be able to feel unity.

    P.s. In connection to this I warmly recommend to read this article - "Living with a balanced heart" and further the article "Applying the law of Divine Oneness in life", where I share my experience with applying the principles of unity in daily practical life.

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