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  1. Recognizing and communicating with Universal Consciousness

  2. An essential aspect for a harmonious use of the universal laws is the realization that behind these perfect, balanced and graceful laws is an intelligent energy - the Universal Consciousness. It is a Force, which is present in the whole universe and manifests itself through it. This energy consciously manages the cosmos and maintains it in everlasting harmony with the help of universal laws. And each one of us has a spark of this energy inside and is always connected to this all loving, all knowing and powerful Force.

    If one hasn't experienced a conscious, clear connection to and communication with the Universal Consciousness, it can be hard to recognize that the universe is governed by a higher Force. And it can be difficult to grasp some aspects of the universal laws, for example, that the world and the universe are in absolute harmony, that they are perfect and holy, irrespective of outer appearances. That there is no good or evil in the world, but just positive and negative forces, which are different expressions of one ultimate Force. And that this Force loves everybody and everything in its Creation unconditionally and always takes care of it. 

  3. Challenges accepting truths with the mind

    Usually the mind has difficulties to truly understand the above mentioned concepts of universal laws. These truths should be discovered and experienced also through your heart not only your intellect. If the mind is used to a materialistic world view with separateness- and duality-consciousness, the ideas of the universal laws may seem fuzzy and unreal. They may seem dreamy, because life in an ego-based society doesn't provide an individual with enough security, care, feeling of unity, love, harmony, freedom and happiness. An environment with dominant separateness- and duality-consciousness creates the illusion of constant competition with others in the fight for survival or for luxuries of life. The negative image of reality is increased also by mass media through constant news about social, economic and environmental difficulties, wars, criminals, terrorists, catastrophes etc. Consequently, many people take up one-sided negative beliefs about the world and close their hearts through various painful information and experiences in life. Hurt and closed hearts and minds face challenges of really understanding the universal laws. It becomes hard to believe in overall unity, love, perfection of the world and to trust in life, to believe in a loving higher Force, which governs life in the universe with balanced, harmonious laws.

  4. Even if you live in a harmonious, loving and supporting environment and are generally happy and content with your life, you may become hurt through negative aspects of life elsewhere in the world. You may not read the news or watch TV anymore, but sooner or later information, which refers to all of us, will reach you - , for example, information about the unsustainable production of food and other daily goods, environmental pollution, the migration crisis, etc....

    Being aware of different negative aspects and challenges of life can make you to feel insecure, afraid or angry and cause other negative emotions. Maybe you are trying to ignore these emotions by concentrating on just the positive things in life and leading a conscious, responsible, spiritual and positive way of life. Maybe you are usually in good spirits and with an optimistic view of the future of the world and of life. But deep inside you may not have fully accepted that there is no good or evil in the world, but just positive and negative forces, which are part of one ultimate reality. You may not have recognized that there is a deeper meaning for everything, also the negative aspects of life. Then you may still have fear, anger, disappointment and feelings of being victimized in your heart, caused by negative experiences. These may block your trust and communication to Universal Consciousness.

    Difficulties accepting and understanding negativity

    It can be difficult to trust in a loving Force, which is governing the world and the universe with perfect harmonious laws, if there is negativity and suffering in it; if you regularly face all kinds of negative experiences in your personal life and see them in the world; if your heart has been hurt trough various negative happenings in your life and feels pain about different negative events in the world.

    When people experience deep negativity, they may assume that there is no such Universal Consciousness at all; otherwise it wouldn't allow all the negative to happen. Another part of society deals with the negativity differently and divide the world in the good and bad forces, where the negative is outside of the good (God) and is associated with the devil, who is made responsible for everything bad.

    One of the main reasons for this is that people have incomplete concepts of Love and Divine Love. They think that from Love can come only the positive. But the truth is that all negativity also comes from Divine Love. It has its perfect role in the development of humanity. All negative is meant as a stimulus for change, advancement and spiritual growth, not as a penalty. The possible suffering is just a necessary wake-up call, a sign, that something needs to be changed and an incentive for learning the necessary life lesson. For example, that which causes you to be angry, is teaching you how to set personal borders and also forgiveness and compassion. That which has power over you, is teaching you how to take your power back. That which you fear, is stimulating you to find your courage, etc. (For a better understanding of the role of negativity, I recommend to take a look at 8.2 Principle of Challenge and Negativity.)

  5. Importance of heart experience

    Even if you are aware of the truths of universal laws intellectually, it can be hard to practice them in life, when you meet real suffering and pain. Then people often fall into negative emotions and thoughts and choose to be victims of the "bad" people around or "bad" aspects of life in general. Most people aren't skilled to deal with negativity in life - to understand the true reasons behind it and to take responsibility for attracting them. People usually don't know how to transform emotions and thoughts and even if they know the basic theory, it takes time to practice and master these skills.

    And if you accept intellectually that all negative also comes from Love, it doesn't mean that your heart can do that, when it feels real pain. You can try to push your negative feelings aside, but they stay deep in your heart and sub-consciousness. It isn't easy to truly understand and accept the world like it is in all its various aspects right away. Usually the understanding of subtler truths of life comes step by step - through transforming life experiences and personal spiritual revelations.

    But generally the intellect can help the heart to deal with negativity and trauma in a conscious way in discovering the true reasons for experienced negativity. Then you'll always discover a valuable lesson and gift for your spiritual development behind the negative. But from my experience, this can take time, because the intellect sometimes can't find the reasons for the experienced negativity right away and because the emotions can be too intense and don't allow to think objectively.

    And because the heart understands things mostly through real personal experience, sometimes it isn't enough with intellectual assumptions. You may accept a theory, which makes sense to your mind and ignore the impulses of the heart, which can't believe in it, and live quite peacefully. But deep inside you will have no peace and one day all that has been ignored, pushed away - all pain, anger, disappointment, questions, why things happen like they happen, will probably burst out.

    Try to stay authentic and real in your daily life and don't hide your real feelings away. Don't choose a world view to quickly explain things and live in a seeming comfort. Be honest with yourself - about what you already understand and what you don't, how you really feel about things. It is ok not to understand everything right now and not to have answers for all of your questions. Move step by step, as it fits you. Gather experiences of truth like puzzle pieces and in the mean time admit and accept that there are things you don't know and don't know how to deal with yet. By the Law of Attraction everything will be clarified, the necessary knowledge will reach you at the perfect time. Stay open and present - then you'll notice the truths life is revealing to you at the present moment.

  6. Ways how to open your heart and mind

    Coming back to the trust in Universal Consciousness and the fact that the heart needs to experience things through itself to accept them as true: people have difficulties with believing in unity, love and overall harmony, connection, if they don't feel it. If they experience it just with a few of their dearest people, but not with the whole world and not with the Absolute.

    Actually everyone can feel it, but people aren't informed about the ways how to reconnect to the Absolute. And the reconnection is needed, because often people have been raised with a very rational, materialistic world-view without being aware of their true spiritual nature and connection to the Absolute. Besides, the Love from the Absolute is hard to feel, if your heart and mind are closed by negative energy and mental blocks (from painful life experiences and from negative world perception).

    To open up your heart and mind, I would recommend a few things which can help you:

    • silence and meditation

    If you do practices, which bring you to inner silence and peace and calm your mind (like meditation), you can discover deeper aspects of yourself, outside the identification with your body, mind and thoughts. In the subtler planes of consciousness, you'll also discover the peace, love and unity, which will let you understand the Law of Divine Oneness. Feeling this reality through yourself will also let you better grasp other spiritual laws. In the inner zone of silence it is also a lot more easier to feel the connection to the Absolute and its Love, to experience a real, personal connection and communicate to the Universal Consciousness and to receive glimpses of guidance from the Absolute. 

    • praying from the heart

    To learn to meditate and to be in inner silence can take a while. But you can achieve similar states and experience a personal connection with the Absolute by truly praying. Generally this means communicating consciously, naturally and honestly deep from your heart with best intentions. Find some peaceful time and place, where you can open yourself up and consciously communicate to the Absolute about the topics, which are important to you. At the beginning it can be difficult to try to communicate with the Absolute, if you aren't used to it and "don't know how to start the conversation". But actually you can simply be yourself and open up the heart and mind as if speaking to your closest people.

    The connection is always there and you can feel it, when you are relaxed and with your heart and mind open. Then you can notice the communication happening in your heart and feel the Divine Love. In these special moments you can receive answers to your questions, impulses for inspired action or concrete ideas. They may show up as concrete feelings or thoughts in the moment and also signs in the outer world later. Just be authentic about what you feel or don't, there is no need for concrete results. The prayer is for becoming aware of the beautiful bond between you and the Creator.

    • test the Law of Attraction

    This is one of the easiest ways how to get personal experience with the universal laws and to feel the Love and support of the Absolute. Study the law, also in its subtler aspects, and try it out. If you apply it correctly, you'll be successful in attracting what you are looking for into your life. Through this success you can start feel that the universe is taking care of and loving you. And through gratitude your heart and mind can open up more easily to the Absolute and start to communicate with It consciously.

    • read about my personal experience with Divine Love

    For inspiration in communicating with the Absolute I would like to share my personal experience. I have experienced special moments of spiritual revelations, which let me recognize the truths of the universal laws through myself. I tried to describe some of these experiences in words with the hope that it could help other spiritual seekers. Please check the "Principle of Love" and scroll down to "Personal experience of Divine Love" to read about them.

    • study physics (make-up of and functioning of matter, quantum physics, operation of the human senses)

    These topics can reveal to you aspects of reality of which you weren't aware before and help your intellect understand the universal laws from the science point of view.

    • study the human constitution and planes of consciousness

    This can help you to understand that a human functions on many planes, for example, the physical body, energy body, mental body, wisdom body, bliss body, Higher Self. When you learn about the the way each plane functions and expresses itself, you can discover various planes of yourself and important aspects of the reality, in which we are living. This can be very helpful, because usually people operate within the borders of their intellect and 5 regular senses, which are very limited and can deliver just a small part of the information about the magical reality of the universe. 

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